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You Can Stand Under My Umbrella

When working with other entrepreneurs or with my clients, I found that peer support works best. When I was studying to be a teacher I also had to study to be a teaching assistant first. I remembered in one of my classes my tutor mentioning that the best way to effectively work with a child to get them to understand or learn what you were trying to get them to learn was, not do it standing over them in a over powering way but it was more effective teaching if we as teachers crouched down beside them to ask or explain what we wanted the child to learn.

Who do you know that is in a similar situation to you?

Can you think of other entrepreneurs, colleges or business owner who could also benefit from your support or help.

Studies have shown that people learn and achieve greater things when having a support team. Having this support team will increase your success and chances of a better out come for you and your business. download  The Advantages Of Team Work Report created by Birmingham University 

Who can your Support Be?

Just as much as they will be supporting you, you will be supporting them in
working through in achieving both your desired goals and out comes in a group setting.

So call your friends right now and set up your support team that you can work
through together with. If you cannot find other entrepreneur, business owner or colleges, you can ask a friend whether they would be happy to support you
and meet once a week to give you feedback on your set plans of actions.

Your First Support Team Meeting

Today is the day of your first meeting with your support team. If it is at your
house, prepare the space. Ideally you sit in a circle so that everyone can
share themselves fully while feeling embraced by the group. If your group is in
someone else’s house, take a juice, biscuits or fruit to share. Here are some common elements for any support team to start and function well.

1.)Choose one person to lead the circle today.

2.) Keep the time and introduce the exercises.

3.) Introductions.Start with a quick round of introductions so that you get to know each other.

4.) Share your name, what you do and why you are here. This should only be brief and should take less then 1 minute each.

5.) Building Commitment. For a group to function effectively, some ground rules must be set.

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