World Class Design Comes From A Deep Place

We now entered in to a new year and we all want to make sure that we are putting our best foot forwards. What better way to get started on our appearance and how we look. Today we are going to take a closer look into the latest fashion for 2017.

World class design comes from a deep place; there really is nothing like wearing things that you know have been crafted to the highest standards, today in Richible fashion and beauty section were looking at the the hub where the DuChamp Cufflink is built. Imagine your hobbie being your job and your job being your hobbie it must be a great way to spend each working day. If your passionate about cufflinks or men’s jewellery I can’t think of a more exiting occupation.

There is nothing like the a craftsman’s studio, often when we long for a space to work our craft whether its writer or carpenter, artist or musician we envisage a place where we feel inspired where the mess is our mess, it’s not an environment for a our lovely female counter parts to try to fix, everything about its rustic rawness is health and wholeness itself.

Things of beauty come from these environments, I remember commenting to my wife regarding the beautiful things men have traditionally created, and typically we’re actually capable of producing immense beauty. The awesome architecture of yester year comes to mind the, fashion s and styles men wore were so much more flamboyant and expressive than we can get our head around wearing these days. But beauty of this kind are not made in peaceful we’ll arranged environments. Often they are forged in the clutter and happenshphere of the indulgent studio space of some master or another.

You can’t help being moved by the sites that surround you in Duchamp’s Cufflink crafters studio, the photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce went there loaded with his weapon of choice the inevitable lens to shoot the inspirational surroundings.

I think it’s incredible to witness the craftsmanship that goes into the trinkets we love to don. ‘Making sustainable, quality items is a high priority for us. It just makes sense to use resources where they’re found,’ states Team Duchamp, their commitment to source the best has taken them to Kent England where we find a master working his craft honing beautifully designed master pieces to festoon our best suits. “Whether it’s Harris Tweeds from Scotland or sharp tailoring in Italy. When it comes to our hand crafted cufflinks, there’s only one place good enough for us.” Team Duchamp explains. Find out more about the amazing styles and quality garments Duchamp can bring to your wardrobe at duchamplondon and treat yourself to something exceptional.

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