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Why You Should Be Listening Into The Conversations That Surrounds Your Niche On Twitter

If you are a business owner out there or you’re seriously try to figure out how to maneuver and climb your social media mountain to come to place where it’s working for you and your business then stop a while and read my latest post.

Social media has completely and totally transformed the way that we interact with the rest of the world, literally granting everyone with Internet access the ability to communicate with anyone else (regardless of how little-known or well-known they may be) with lightning like speed.

All that said and done why do some of us still feel that never we’re never getting closer to making sense of how to make our conversation on social media benefit us and our businesses?

Hey don’t panic‘, I was once like you rattling my brain. But once I put in the work and time into trying to understand the social media jungle I was able to start great and meaningful conversations on social media.

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One great platform to start on is twitter. ‘Why? …,You may ask’, well because their isn’t much you need to do on there to start a great conversation.

Most of us, understandably, use tools like Twitter to talk to people that we want to interact with – but smart and savvy marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs are using the same tools to listen in on global conversations to get a head start and almost unfair advantage over their competitors.

One of the smartest things you can do is start to listen in to the conversations that are happening in your niche, market, or industry – and twitter gives you the chance to do exactly that!

The best products and services come from your customers

The dumbest thing that anyone can do when they are looking to start a business is to create the business that they themselves envision, ignoring completely what the market or what the niche is most interested in, most passionate about, and most frustrated with.

Nothing kills more businesses then catering to the needs and demands of the business owner rather than the needs, demands, and desires of the customers that are going to fork over their cash for the products or services sold.

When you make this fundamental shift and really start to listen to the frustrations that your market has with other companies in your space, the features that they feel are missing from products or services, or the hopes and dreams that they wish would be fulfilled you are able to capture incredibly valuable market information and research that just isn’t available anywhere else.

Start Conversations That Truly Matter

Start listening to your market and you’ll be amazed at the things you’re able to learn – but start building that inside information into your operation and you’ll be able to completely dominate your space in a way that your competitors won’t ever fully understand.

Pay attention to hashtags

While it’s always a good idea to pay attention to your competitors by following the accounts that they have on social media, it’s also a good idea to pay attention to the hashtags that are being posted on Twitter and Instagram – especially those that are starting to capture global attention or trending in your niche or industry.

These are the kinds of messages that are really resonating with the overwhelming majority of your niche or market, and this is where you are going to want to spend the bulk of your time researching new solutions to the issues that they are bringing to your attention.

This turns social media into a superpower, and it’s one that your competitors may be actively ignoring – giving you an edge that you won’t be able to get anywhere else!


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Start Conversations That Truly Matter


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