Why I Left Modelling To Become A Lifestyle Blogger And Designer: CHIN WI

I was so excited and looking forwards to meeting Chin We because after our first conversation over the phone arranging the best time to meet for my interview with her on the hot seat for Up & Personal. She sounded like a fun and energetic woman to be around and I was not disappointed.

So it was a hot Sunday morning when I get the phone call from Chin that she was at West Brompton Station in London where we had planned to meet the day before. You see I was at London for a conference for 5 days and the only time both of us had time in our busy schedule to meet was then.

How I came to meet I know Chin was through our connection on social media the wonders of social media. I truly wonder what we would do without it. Hmm I can’t even imagine. I was scrolling through my updates as you do in the middle of the day to make sure I was up to date with my messages and notifications and to glance my eye through my connections updates as you do. And there it was the love of my life.

There steering right back at me was this beautiful uniquely designed cushions that had been posted my Chin Wé a couple of hours before. I had to have it, it had to be mine. The love affair had started with Chinwé Living and I didn’t want it to stop.

I investigated further and here we have it CEO and Founder of the Newly Launched Online boutique Chinwé Living.

Chinwé thank you so much for taking out your time to meet with me on this beautiful Sunday Morning.

It is my pleasure thank you for allowing me to come. How was your journey to London?

A bit rocky I suffer from travel sickness and was a little sick on the way down, but managed to pick myself up before it got too bad. Any way we are not here to talk about me but you. So tell me about Chin Wé Who is Chin Wé?

My actual first name is Chinwé it’s a African name, but I use The Chin as my first name and the Wé as my last for my branding I just felt it had a ring to it and flowed so well every time I wrote it down and said it that way.

“I was actually wondering about that because I knew that you were a fellow Nigerian but I said to myself I’ve never known a Nigerian name to end with Wé. But you’re right it works really well”.

“Thank you , yes well before starting Chinwé Living I was and I’m still a life style blogger. I manage and run my own lifestyle blog called Abstract Friday.

I was approached by a branding company while on one of my acting shoots when I used to do modelling and acting to see if I would be interested in working with them and starting a lifestyle blog. I was getting tired of the acting and modelling world and work had started to dry down so I saw the transition into becoming a lifestyle blogger an exciting and interesting prospect.

I also would be writing about things and subjects that I like. I would also have the chance to travel and experience culture and the world more as I had not been able to do so due to work. I love being a life style blogger and you get to write and feature some interesting people, products and places.

So what made you decided that you wanted to become a designer? Was it a natural flow from being a model?

I guess so, while working as a model and actress I had always had a love for fashion and interior designs. I came across so many beautiful brands, designs and products while modelling so I guess I always had an eye for nice things. So the idea of creating an online boutique was not alien to me. It was a natural progression for me.

So what is Chinwé Living all about, How would you describe it to someone if asked?

Chinwé loves colours, tribal and african prints . . . Chinwé is a curated brand of contemporary african/tribal fashion, lifestyle and interior décor. The products come from my heart and are made in the UK. But I sauce the fabric from all around the world. I look for fabric that have a soul and meaning to it.
I think that is why Chinwé Living is doing so well because so many different people can relate to different fabrics in different ways.

So what Advice would you give to someone thinking of becoming a Blogger?

I would say that you should try and blog about things that you love, that makes you happy and that you like. I’ve seen some bloggers who try to blog about high end fashion but don’t have the budget for the high end products, locations and things they are talking about. This will get you in to trouble. If your budget is Primark then centre your blog on things like Primark. There’s nothing wrong with that. If you do something from your heart and you are true to yourself then people will get to like you for who you are and you will also have much more success and fun that way rather than starting of your blogging journey trying to become something that you are not.

That is some great advice. I’m always telling my clients to always start from that point of finding out what it is they are passionate about, what makes them tick and then do that.


Great stuff! OK for those who are thinking or wanting to start something like Chinwé Living do you have any advice you could share with us for them?

Yes, research, research and research. It is always a great idea to research your market to see if there is actually a demand for what you want to sell. You know I did some marketing research by create a few products, small ones form the Chinwé Living range and posted them on to my social media platform to see the reaction to them. Once I started to get likes, comments and feedback about the products and when the shop would be live. I then knew there was a market and demand for what I had to offer at Chinwé Living.


The second advice I would offer would be don’t wait to long to get started. Sometimes even after we have done our market research and we know the market is there. We can sometimes get overwhelmed with the pressures of life and do nothing at all. Just get started even if it is slow at least you are doing something.

Thank you so much Chin Wé for joining us on the hot seat on Up & Personal. Everything you shared with us was spot on and would be the same advice I would give to anyone wanting to get started in a business venture or start a new career as a blogger.

If anyone is thinking about starting a business or becoming a blogger they can visit our online platform Richible. Richible will help you get started with your business idea by offering you information, advice and useful tips to help you brand, market your business and so much more.

Thank you once again Chin Wé for joining us on the hot seat and we wish you every success with Chinwé Living.

Thank you for having me it has been my pleasure.

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  1. The cushions in this article look amazing. I will be visiting her sit to take a look at more thanks for sharing the story keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Finlay thanks for your comment if you would like to purchase some just click the wording in pink and it will take you to Chin Wi’s website.

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