Why Choosing to Be Sold Out of Its No. 1 Bestseller Was the Right Decision for This Startup

When faced with a difficult decision, Nina Faulhaber the co-founder of ADAY, a technical clothing line for women, chose to listen to her customers above all else.

After the debut of its everyday leggings, the apparel item skyrocketed in popularity. Continuously selling out and restocking this bestselling item seemed like a great thing — that was until some of ADAY’s early customers chimed in with negative feedback.

Listening to customer feedback and ensuring the highest quality products was important to Faulhaber — even if it meant being sold out of the leggings. The team decided to go back to the drawing board and figure out a solution.

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“As a team we all stood behind the belief that our decision was the right decision and that the improvement and the tweaking was for a bigger good,” Faulhaber says in this video.

Check out the video to learn more about how Faulhaber and her team tackled the issue head on.

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