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When Opportunity Knocks Will You Open The Door And Let It In?

Opportunities happen in our life time, but for some of us we think not. What I’ve come to understand about opportunities is this, It only becomes an opportunity when you stop to see it as such, unless it becomes lost in the mondain of this life and passes you by.

Occasionally what initially surfaces in your reality is a stepping stone that will take you to your destination instead of the goal itself. It might not appear like what you were looking for or expecting but can be just what‘s required to bridge the gap to your ambitions and take you to where you would like to be. Receptiveness and humility is important.

You contain free will and can sculpt your world in conformity with your hopes. You both consciously and unconsciously make the world surrounding you, yet you’re not unaccompanied in the process. You’re a co-creator with the root of life, whatever name you hold for such.

Unity produces an understanding connection between you and everybody else. It’s a blessing to recognize we’re all inherently attached. It’s a curse to observe that many individuals still live without this consciousness. As unity understandingly connects you to other people, it invites feelings of rich joy as well as rich sadness. When you take on its joy, you likewise take on its anguish.


A stepping stone perhaps may be a person, challenge, insight or learning. It might possibly be a mending or an outcome that will help you fortify your character or purpose. It might be a chance for love, pleasure or happiness that will step-up our emotional vibration in a sense that’s essential for you to draw in what you want.

It might even be a crisis of sorts from which you’ll learn and develop. What might appear like a crisis at the time, a loss of employment or relationship for instance, might indeed bring gifts that ultimately serve the destiny, success and triumph you want and have elected. The gifts of these situations or scenarios might not be clear at the moment but further down the line become evident as you retrospect and survey the situation with hindsight.

Have faith in the larger blossoming picture. The universe recognizes the most formal and honoring path to your dreams.

“Every hardship, every failure, every grief bears with it the seed of a like or larger benefit”.

When you work with the law of attraction chances will arrive, so it is crucial to make yourself available to them, acknowledge them when they unfold and act on them. Every experience, every event, every link can have meaning and importance and serve as a stepping stone to take you to your goals. The universe will organize all components of your life towards the symphony of your success if you’re open and permit it.

Making yourself available for chances might mean stepping away from your current comfort zone, communication and sharing yourself, investigating, asking for help, sowing seeds, going out there, searching for resources and being proactive towards your goals. The more poles you place into the stream of life, the more fish you get.

Living open to and pursuing the chances that develop is to fundamentally obtain the universe‘s resources that will span the gap between wherever you’re at and wherever you would like to be.

This is a crucial step in maximizing the law of attraction.

It will enable you to take leaps and bounds in the direction of your success, or preferably, for your success to take leaps and bounds in your direction.

Once it comes to pursuing opportunity, use perceptiveness and listen to your beliefs and intuition and the inner dial of your senses. I have discovered that unless something feels off it has always served as a chance. Occasionally that opportunity did not display itself until weeks, months or even years later. There can be a gift in every condition you undergo.

What‘s more, each chance can lead to a countless number of other opportunities and be a well-spring of additional resources. Your world is a manifestation and extension of the entirety of your mind, a holograph of your awareness. It’s also a platform and gateway with which the universe can convey with you via signs, signals and whispers in your daily life that serve as arrows and prods to guide and aid you on your way.

The more you acknowledge that you’re forever linked up to an all-loving endlessly abundant source, the more you’ll own the gifts.

Obtaining is so often the lacking element to success. Any blocks to obtaining are blocks to the facts you want. Rehearse obtaining in all fields of your life, whether it‘s compliments, presents, the experience of some other, the beauty of nature. When you appreciate something and are grateful for it, you obtain it.

Obtaining produces a gateway through which the universe may bring gifts into your life. It enables the magic of co-creation and the serendipitous possibilities beyond the boundaries of your imaginings. The more you allow for yourself to obtain, the more graceful, swift and bountiful your attractiveness becomes.

Obtaining is often looked upon as something you do in reaction to a gift, yet acquiring the willingness and power to receive, in and of itself, makes those very gifts appear in your reality. As the saying goes, when the receiver is ready the gift comes along. The universe is a haven where dreams come true. All you desire is yours to obtain.

I emphasize receiving here as its more often neglected in the give-receive cycle. The value of passing on is far more acknowledged than that of receiving. They’re intrinsically related and each opens you to the other. The more you pass on, the more you take in, and the more you take in (from yourself, the universe or other people) the more you’re capable to pass on.

Rehearse taking in during your daily life. Acknowledge when somebody gives you a complement and take note how you respond. Do you allow it in? Or do you attempt to block, deny or protest it?

Once you obtain good news, a success or the manifestation of something you want, recognize it, for you have received.

Touch base with what it feels like to obtain. Work it, rehearse it. Get familiar with and acquaint yourself with the energy of obtaining. Affirm your receptiveness and willingness to receive. Receiving is among the most powerful and graceful tools of manifestation. By allowing for yourself to take in you will be able to allow in the love, miracles and successes the universe wants to give you every step of your journey.

Be mindful of any negative feelings you may have around. Maybe you consider receiving is selfish, feel you don’t deserve to receive, or if you’re a man maybe feel that receiving is something more for women. Maybe you feel receiving would put you in a vulnerable position and therefore are afraid of it, or you concern losing a sense of control.

Recognize and be thankful for the love and goodness in your world and in your gratitude you’ll open to receive it at an entirely new level in addition to inviting more of the same into your life. As you open to obtain the gifts and bounty that are already in your life, you will become more open to take in new gifts, love and successes in your life.

A likely problem some people come across when they start to explore the law of attraction is a concern of their negative emotions and the corresponding negative outcomes they may draw in. Because of this they try to contain, deny or repress their beliefs, yet this just does not work.

This is the number one myth of the law of attraction. What we reject persists. It’s what we recognize and accept that we can naturally relinquish and release. What we deny doesn’t disappear, and will unavoidably leak into our world in the circumstances, people and events we draw in. Pent-up emotions warp our energy.

There are several methods today for expelling and transforming emotions. Outside resources such as music, beauty and exercise and internal resources – your feelings, selections, focus and imagination – can all be applied. Pardon of self and other people is an unbelievably powerful way to expel and transform whole bunches of negative emotions. It’s the ultimate mind-body-soul detox and can set you free you from toxic emotions and draining attachments. Perceptiveness and gratitude are also very efficient in shifting your emotional resonance and freeing low vibrational states.

Feeling your beliefs is a quick way to eject them. This does not imply indulging in them or handing them excessive attention if they don’t help you, more it enables them to go through you and be verbalized. It takes more energy to stuff emotions down than to experience them. Recognizing, consenting and feeling an emotion will enable its release.

Your feelings are powerful indicators of what‘s going on within. Respect them and listen to what they’re telling you about yourself, your life and your world and any corresponding thoughts and beliefs you may contain.

When in a state of unity, you tune in to the pleasure as well as the sadness of the bigger picture, surpassing the lower level of awareness. Occasionally this state induces the loftiest feelings you may imagine, while at times it seems like being a pin cushion.

The reality aspect of unity determines the emotional affect. When you anticipate a favorable outcome for the overall picture and you feel that humanity is headed in a favorable direction, you feel fantastic.

If you anticipate a negative result, you feel intense sorrow as everyone is off course. You may never totally insulate yourself from the destiny of the humanity. Humanity’s victories are yours to celebrate; the errors are yours to sympathize with. It isn’t adequate to do the right things. To respect unity, you have to dedicate yourself to doing good.

The experience of unity is the key to conveying consideration and kindness. In that state of being, you feel an innate kinship for everybody else. Loving actions don’t demand self-control or effort when you realize that everybody is the same as you. You don’t have to prompt yourself to treat your neighbor as yourself. You understand that your neighbor and you are one, so acting in accordance with this is easy.

One day while walking, I saw a homeless person straining through shopping center trash. Nothing was open yet, so he and I were the only individuals in the area. Before my experience of unity, I’d have passed him by not establishing eye contact. However this time I recognized in my heart that he wasn’t different from me. He was the same as me. I didn’t need to convince myself of that—I sensed it with a deep feeling. Without reluctance I walked up to him, smiled, gave him some cash, and said “I wish you well. He considered me with appreciation and said thanks. I didn’t relate to him as I thought it would make me feel goodness. I did it because when I’m in the state of unity, consideration is my instinctive way of associating with the world.

My previous self would have viewed this person as completely separate from me. I may have felt pity for him. I may have presumed that if I gave him cash, he’d spend it on intoxicants. I may have felt what I thought was consideration, but it would have only been a piece of the true thing.

On that day, though, none of those damaging views were there.

I merely saw that man and saw myself. I encountered a fellow person in the greater body of mankind. I saw someone that appeared to be struggling a little, and I wished to provide some help and encouragement. I wasn’t truly giving anything. I was merely assisting a part of myself.

Unity makes consideration unconditional. It doesn’t matter what color, faith, sexual preference, or life-style individuals have. It doesn’t count if they act hurtfully towards you. You’re connected to everybody. No one is unworthy of affection.


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