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What Steve Jobs Taught Us Entrepreneurial Lessons From Steve Jobs/Part Two

Hi and welcome back to part two of my post. If you have not as yet read part one please scroll down to the bottom of this page and you should be able to find part one there.

The Relater

Getting people comfortable is another important element that should be practiced if one intends to get the best results out of anyone. When an individual is comfortable and confident, then the likelihood of that individual breaking all “records” in the quest to do and produce their best is very definite.

Being able to relate to anyone at anytime is perhaps a virtue that should be learnt and practiced as often as possible.

Empathy can go a long way in making other feel understood and accepted. When condemnation is kept to a minimal and exercised only when absolutely necessary, then those involved will be able to function more effectively as they are confident of being accepted and respected for their contributions and efforts.

Though some quarters advocate keeping some level of formality and distance between the different levels of any working relationship, taking this too seriously will eventually dissolve the ability to relate to different people and different situations.

Such an environment can cause a project to stall or even struggle to reach its success because those involved are not able to relate to each other’s needs and thought processes.

Taking the time to understand and perhaps even lend a helping hand or giving well placed advice shows the individual’s intention of wanting to relate better and create a more conducive relationship or environment.

Another way to create the perception or willingness to relating to something lies in the effort expounded to actually trying to learn more or get more involved in the endeavor or situation.

This gives all concerned an opportunity to understand the various aspects involved which in turn could contribute to a better level of tolerance and success.

Avoid forming opinions and making remarks until one is completely sure of all that has transpired. By this simple act of patience being practiced throughout the exercise of gaining full knowledge of any situation, the individual is able to better relate to the different aspects of the said situation and thus render a better overall judgment which will then be accepted as being relatable.

Build A Community

Very rarely can one find a project or endeavor that requires only the contribution of one individual, and even if such an endeavor is found then there will always be relatable elements that require the passive participation of other parties in some form or another.

Therefore it would be prudent to acknowledge very early on, that more often than not, a group or community of people is required and even necessary to see anything to its success.

Taking the time to build a workable and comfortable community will go a long way in terms of resources, ideas, expertise and many other positive contributing factors that play a vital role in any situation.

Community existence is very important on many levels and thus should be nurtured and encouraged as much as possible. One of the best ways of building a community is to invite people to join in and actively contribute in any way that they may find beneficial to the overall entity.

Exchanging ideas could be a good starting point, and the internet is an ideal platform for this exercise. Using the many tools available on the internet one can actually make contributions on many different levels that are both beneficial and enlightening to others.

This of course a welcome respite from having to deal with things individually, as with a community working together more things can be accomplished.

Using the various internet tools to encourage participation online is also another avenue that can be tapped as it can be limitless. When there is a sense of community commitment, the strong sentiments felt helps to boost even the lamest endeavor which in turn has the potential of producing amazing results.

Building a community also helps when it comes to promoting anything because the network available is vast and effective. The exchange of information often happens at a very fast pace and can effectively spread to the intended audience without any hindrance.

Bring Everything Back Home

In order to optimise all the various uses of the tools available on the internet one must first acknowledge its advantages. Upon such acknowledgement, making full use of the tools will not only help in any endeavor but also contribute largely to its success.

Listing all the available tools and then making an informed choice as to which tools are the most suited for the exercise at hand helps to give the necessary aid towards a more successful and well planned execute into the online arena.

Based on the previously information, let’s quickly do a recap, having passion, learning to communicate, learning to relate and building a community, an individual should be fairly well equipped for the journey into the online arena.

There are also other elements that can contribute in a positive way towards a well planned entrepreneurial endeavor. These may include the use of networking in other ways which can be equally beneficial to your business.

Taking the time and effort to always stay current and relevant is definitely the way to unsure a better percentage of success. It could also show your level of commitment to the endeavor at hand and as such creates a level of expectation and confidence to your team or other who might want to come on board and connect or partner with you

Wrapping Up Wrapping Up

This comes to the end of our journey and what an array of amazing things we are still learning from Steve Jobs. For us and entrepreneurs are main goals moving forwards is to leave a legacy of examples that others can learn from and use to become better business men and women of our future.


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