What Are Property Incentives For First Time Home Buyers & New Home Buyers?

Property incentives for first time home buyers and new home buyers are used by house builders as a way to encourage and help home buyers buy a new home from them.  House builders offer a wide range of property incentives which can make a significant difference to first-time buyers and those struggling to move up the property ladder.

Property incentives are also given by the Government as a way to help buyers purchase a property and therefore help to keep the property market buoyant – which is essential for a healthy economy!

Why Do House Builders Offer Property Incentives?

  • To motivate and help buyers to purchase properties on their new developments as quicker than they may otherwise do so
  • To keep ahead of the competition and increase the chances of buyers buying their new homes over buying other properties in the area from their competitors
  • To help them reach their sales targets – monthly and annually
  • With off-plan discounts often if they can can get buyers to committ to a property before it’s even built, it means they get better rates of interest and terms on development loans from the lenders
  • By selling the properties quickly, the developer can move onto building their next developments quicker which can help make their business more profitable overall

How Can Property Incentives Help Me?

Property incentives, for many first-time buyers, can be the difference between getting on the property ladder or not.  There are a wide range of property incentives available that can help you in many ways, for example with your deposit, fitting out your new home, selling an existing home quicker or even ongoing living costs once you have moved in.

Remember you should always seek independent financial advice before committing to any financial or property related purchases or decisions.

What Types of Property Incentives Are Available? – Click Here



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