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Trust In Yourself And You Will Always Make The Distance

I was just watching a video of one of my clients that I worked with British Long Jump indoor Champion JJ Jegede. I was just reminiscing about the day he first came to me in 2009 by word of mouth to help him build a brand and online presence using what he loved doing ‘Jumping’. As a professional athlete he spent hours on end crafting his skills and talent having to train everyday so he could be at the top of he’s game. While watching his video the end he made a profound statement, when asked by reporters how he was able to continue to be so good at what he does (Jumping).

He said ” Trust in yourself, if you do what you normally do that you are good at you will always make the distance”

so with that in mind I thought I would share with you The Jumping Car advert he did for mini, a contract that he landed using my training program on branding yourself.

just click the picture below to watch the video…..

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