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Top EU Laser Toner Company to hit Ghana’s Markets


S.E.A a leading European laser toner and inkjet cartridges company is posed to storm West Africa through Ghana with its high quality products. S.E.A is a leader in supplying raw materials with some selections in inkjet cartridges that are unmatched in the market place.

The company has sales offices in Germany and Italy with two of their main manufacturing production lines in Serbia and Italy that produce and distributes its customizing products to more than three hundred brands.
TodayGhanaNews has confirmed that preparations are far in advance for S.E.A’s flagship products “free-tech” to hit the Ghanaian market and other West African countries in just a few months time.
Ghana is considered the gateway to West African with a lot of business potentials due to its democratic way of governance, large economic prospect and with over 300 million population in the ECOWAS region.

The Ghanaian Market analysts believe that because of the conditions of high competition on the African markets from China and the United States, S.E.A products in Ghana and west Africa will play a key role in the success of multinational and local business need of high quality and affordable laser toners and inkjet cartridges giving many individuals and businesses in Ghana access to high quality and affordable free-tech products.

The business market and environment in Ghana has seen a rise and increase with the right political leadership and climate this has allowed the business industry in Ghana to take-off.
According to the World Bank and IMF records, starting from January 2017, Ghana’s economy is expected to be the fastest growing economy in sub-Sahara Africa, as the country’s leadership determined to implement an Economic Transformation and Livelihood Empowerment Program (ETLEP).

The program aim is to concentrate on the creation of  more jobs in several sectors of the economy, with private sector involvement, while focusing on value added diversification on the back of sustainable power supply. Additionally, the Program will provide more jobs for the youth,  Ghanaian’s as a whole,  improve disposable income and enhance the Ghanaian individual purchasing power.

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