The Time I Ran Out Of Money In My Business And Life And What I Did About It

When running your own business and solely relying on you, can be sometimes stressful. About 18 months ago we realised that we were coming to the place where we would be running out of money in my business and for our daily expenses and I quickly needed to make a decision on what I was going to do about it.


This was not by any means the first time we had found ourselves in this situation, but it had not been for a very long while. Any business owner, or freelancer out there knows the ups and downs of business life. So what was I going to do to make sure that I would be able to sustain myself and family through the foreseen lean time and potential financial burn out?

Well I decided I was going to start from a place I knew fine well I could start well with, being grateful for where I was and what I already had. Being grateful in any kind of situation is really a powerful and strong attracting force. Gratitude reduces negativity, helps people learn, improves relationships and most importantly, gratitude attracts that thing that you want and need. This is a great and powerful force that can change what one is able to attract.


The Great Power of Gratitude

So I started to turn my attention around into looking and thinking of things I could be grateful and thankful for so I could focus and hold my joyful mind and heart on these things at such difficult times for me.

Once you find things you can appreciate and you start providing emphasis on the things you are thankful for, you can always attract them. As you start flooding your mind with gratitude or appreciation, you actually attract more of those that you want. If you are in a state of gratitude, you are also in a high energy vibration essential in attracting more things that you can be thankful for. There will also be more things that will magically come to you – things that are actually drawn into you by your focus and great feelings of gratitude.


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Getting What You Want

To simply An emotion of happiness attracts the conditions of happiness and in the same way, your feeling of appreciation attracts more things that you can be grateful for. In the Universal Law of Attraction, it actually reveals that one will attract into their life the things that they focus on and think about.

If you express your gratitude towards something, then you are fully aware of that blessing. In this case, you’re providing more focus on the things that you really want in life and thus, you are attracting more of these things into your own life.


Also, gratitude makes the things that you want more tangible and serves as real aspect of your reality. The more real and tangible your desires are, the more you will provide great focus on them. As being said, gratitude is really powerful. It can resolve problems, improves your life, helps you learn and attract the things that you want.

This can greatly change what you attract because the more aware you are about the blessings and good things you receive, you give more focus to it by expressing your appreciation. This will in turn enables you to attract positive energies to obtain what you want.


Gratitude really matters. It does not only allow us to obtain what we want but it also leads to positive actions. When one feels grateful for the kindness showed by a person, one may be more likely to show kindness in the person in return. This is then really helpful in creating good relationships with others.


With many blessings that you can take benefit from appreciation and giving thanks on the things you receive, there is no reason for you not to practice the attitude of gratitude. This will not only attract good things on your life but on the lives of others as well.


Using The Power Of Gratitude To Propel You Forwards

When things don’t go our way and when everything around us seems to fall apart, the last thing that we can think of is to be thankful. When we are facing difficulties, all we do is complain and ask why bad things are happening to us. Turning bad days into gratitude days is really a great challenge for many people, but it is always possible.

Practice Counting your Blessings – Not all your Troubles

People spend most of their time lamenting about their troubles, complaining about the difficulties they suffer from that they no longer care about the blessings that they have received. When faced in difficulties, people really tend to forget what they have and the good things in their life.


People are all invited to start counting their blessings, even name them one by one and they will just be surprised about those amazing things that God had done into their lives. When faced in trials and adversities, count your blessings and you will also see that your heart will grow warmly with much feelings of gratitude as well as sweet feelings of happiness and peace.


Look at the Brighter Side of Every Situation

If you experience problems and difficulties at work, be more grateful that you have your own work. If you are facing challenges in life, be more grateful of these challenges because due to them, your life is not boring.

If you are facing trials in your life today, be thankful that these can give you much strength to overcome more trials in the future. Appreciate your challenges in life that can help you learn and be a stronger person.

To say that we are grateful does not mean that everything in your life is perfect; it only means that you are aware of all your blessings in spite of the challenges that you are experiencing.

If you remain angry, upset and frustrated because you are having a really bad day, that won’t change anything. In fact, that would make things worse.


Being grateful during these times can brighten up your day as well as others. Getting what you want is not the only reason for you to grateful, sometimes, your appreciation in life becomes even more valuable when you learn to be appreciative in times of troubles and difficulties.


If you are in a difficult situation, instead of hating the world for giving you such problem, think of the benefit that you can benefit from it. Think about the things that you can gain from this situation and through this, you will become more inspired to overcome the difficult situation you are in.

Always look for something to be grateful for in every bad day you face. Also, it is better to understand the reason you are in such situation and think of the best things that you can obtain from it. If you learn to become more grateful and happy with every situation you are in, you can become happier in your life.


Always be grateful that you do not already have all the things that you want because if you did, there will be nothing more to look forward to. Be more grateful for every difficult satiation you are into because in those times, you are able to grow.


Let Gratitude Lead You

I turned my lack into the much needed momentum that I needed for my business and life and now new doors and opportunities have opened and presented themselves to me. to be honest with you they were already there I just lost track of not allowing myself to live from a place of gratitude and be thankful for the small things I already had in my life to guide me there or see them.

Gratitude is a process, and so is success one day and one step at a time, just keep your eyes on your own race, be thankful for others races and keep a thankful heart and allow gratitude to hold your hand and lead and guide you to your wealthy place.



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