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The Secrets To Achieving Real Wealth

The secret to achieving real wealth is in your hands. If it’s really what your heart desires you will make it happen, but if it’s something your head talks about but your heart doesn’t connect to it will likely never become your reality.

Reaching wealth requires you to have amazing success and that requires not only hard work but smart work. It also requires you to have the stomach to be able to take risks, the persistence to push through and overcome obstacles that get in your way and the strength to take rejection. You are going to have to know your industry.

One thing that every person has achieved wealth has in common is that they have learned how to cut their losses fast and to run with the winners. They’ve also learned when to recognize the run with the winners is ending.

You need to be able to find the winning strategies for your investment whether that’s the stock market or your business. Let’s say that you run a small coffee shop and you’ve learned that the best business is first thing in the morning and you’ve learned how to up sell your morning customers from just a coffee to a coffee and a bagel.

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Great that’s one winning strategy but you can’t let it end there. You have to continue to look for continuous winning strategies. One month it might be liking a Facebook page, another month it might be taking advantage of a coupon.

This is a simple example. The bottom line is the markets are changing constantly no matter what path you take to finding wealth. That’s why it is important for you to follow through on any winning strategies and give it the time, money and attention necessary to maximize its value. You also need to stick the strategy long term and keep using it as long as it is working for you. Some winning strategies work for only a short period but others work year after year. It depends on how you are making your wealth.

What is known for sure is that riches follow the person who trusts what they know and figures out how to maximize their effectiveness, while at the same time diligently expanding those winning strategies to continue to grow your income streams and therefore your wealth.

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The secret is simple – if wealth is where your heart is then you will focus on creating that wealth.


You Want Wealth not Money


Making money and enjoying wealth are two very different things, yet far too many of us associate the two as being the same thing. If your goal is to create wealth for yourself, it will help you to understand what wealth looks like. Wealth is ancient whereas money is actually a rather new invention.

Wealth is the things you want – clothes, food, houses, travel to different places, cars, gadgets, and on it goes. Many people don’t realize that you can have wealth and not have money. If you had a piece of technology that could create your every whim on demand, you could create a car, a yacht or whatever your desire was without ever having money. If you lived in the farthest corner of the planet in isolation where there was nothing to purchase it wouldn’t make any difference the amount of money you have.

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Wealth is about what you want, not about money. So why do we all focus on money then? That’s because in our modern world money is a way to get to wealth – they become interchangeable. It gets even more complicated because when we discuss ‘making money’ it becomes more difficult for most of us to understand how to make money.

Money is actually a side effect of a world that has become very specialized. For example, in our specialized world, you might need paper but you don’t have the tools to make it. You might need a place to live but you have to acquire that from someone else. If you want you must buy your food from someone else. Therefore, you need a way to be able to obtain those goods and services from the other person.

In the past, the barter system was used. But then life was much simpler. You might have grown potatoes and your neighbor might have had wood. You would trade potatoes for wood. You would then trade potatoes for carpenter skills and that’s how wealth was built back by our ancestors. However, problems arose when you had potatoes (or whatever your commodity was) and the other person didn’t want what you wanted or need. That left you having to trade your commodity for something the other person wanted and then you could trade with them.

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We’ve simplified things in the modern world. We now use money, which is the medium of exchange. This allows trade to work effectively and for people to acquire wealth faster, because you essentially have streamlined the process. So you see money is only a tool to get wealth, which can be built many ways.

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