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The Power Of Learning By Principle

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The learning experience of people across the globe wouldn’t be so much enriching as it is in the present if civilizations did not follow certain guidelines. These guidelines have paved the way for improvement in efficiency and quality of knowledge and skill acquisition. Let’s figure out how learning can be executed flawlessly by principle.

Readiness is an important factor that heavily affects a person’s learning capacity. The individual should have clear cut objective and find meaning in what he is about to do. Motivation is an important concept here as well as focus, concentration, and willingness. In older practices it is the sole responsibility of the instructor to develop a student’s readiness but nowadays both party should meet halfway and see to it that each perform their part of the deal.

Since it is a strong fact that human memory is not perfect and the mind cannot readily retain, evaluate, and process new concepts and mechanisms just after an initial exposure it just fitting that the principle of exercise should be implemented. According to this principle, learning should be done with consistency and repetition which is the essence of engaging into drills and practice. It is a must that every time a student undergoes practice sessions a specific and attainable goal should be mapped out.

The emotional status of the learner is very important during the actual process of learning. This is the focus of the principle called effect wherein learning capacities are further strengthened with the presence of a gratifying and rewarding feeling. On the other hand it is heavily weakened by the burst of negative emotions. Learning should always be geared towards students having a positive feeling of what they are doing no matter how hard the activity is.

The term primacy can be defined as the state of being first leading to the establishment of a strong and unshakable impression. When applied to the learning process it entails that the deed should be done the right way especially during the first try. It is of utmost importance that the foundational concepts and tasks should be given out appropriately as unteaching is harder than teaching. Correcting bad habits and faulty methods are more difficult to execute than teaching the right elementary schemes and mechanisms.

Intensity is all about performing under a dramatic and exciting set-up. Learners can have more grasp of the learning process when they are gradually exposed to the real things as supposed to just sitting in a routinely scheduled session and reading the skills in books. Advancements in education have allowed students to enjoy the benefits of innovative and improved instructional tools that aim to provide a challenging and rewarding experience in a more realistic setting.

Recency implies that the most current set of information are the ones best recalled. This is the basis of performing recaps after every session. The act of restating and re-emphasizing important parts of the day’s discussion will surely contribute to the student’s ability to remember.

Learning is undoubtedly one of the most important elements in the life of an individual. It is the key to succeed in every dream and aspiration. This is why it needs constant attention and dedication.

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