The 6 Worst Office Problems Employers Will Face this Summer and How to Solve Them

The problem with a sunburn is that it’s so open to interpretation. Depending on how your skin burns, its appearance can be seen as you blushing or as uour reaction to a “heated” conversation — either of which could be taken out of context in a professional environment.

Furthermore, depending on the way your skin burns, it can also end up peeling, which is unsightly and never worth sporting at the office. In fact, one study suggested that sunburns negatively impact the entire economy, resulting in millions of Americans missing work each year.

Although sunscreen may seem the obvious answer, putting it in a place where you’ll remember it without its being a distraction is key. Put it on the dash of your car in the morning, to remember to apply it when you leave the office. This way, you won’t have to use a “sick” day to spare yourself the embarrassment of a sunburn.

6. The shunning of sandals and flip flops

Office dress codes become tricky during the summer. Many employers strive to make work environments comfortable, but there are blurred lines in assessing which kinds of attire are acceptable in the workplace; and, unfortunately, footwear belongs on this list.

Assuming flip flops and sandals don’t violate any safety standards in your workplace, employees can make three arguments to the HR department to make these shoe categories acceptable or ban them outright: 

1.Pro flip flops and sandals: People’s feet will stay dry and therefore less smelly. 

2.Anti flip flops and sandals: That annoying sound some sandals and all flip flops make will be eliminated.

3. Pro flip flops and sandals: Opponents will be ruining it for those who care enough to sport the quieter, leather-based sandals or Birkenstocks.

So, if you’re going make a case for this footwear, concentrate on keeping your feet dry. After all, nobody likes the smell of exposed feet that have been making trips back and forth to the printer, fax machine and filing cabinets. Try not to print or fax unnecessary items, and be sure to shower in the morning before work.

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Additionally, any case employees can make for remote work or partial in-office hours will provide greater leeway to not just wear sandals and flip flops while working, but overall to wear whatever they want as while working in their own living spaces.

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