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She Means Business Podcast Shows My Combat To Loneliness

Being a woman in business can sometimes seem over whelming, hard work and lonely. Crazy I know especially as most women love to talk. It seems for some reason as we move lane into the entrepreneurial journey things become a little more quite around here.

So to combat the loneliness I was feeling for a while, I decide to put into place in my business things that would allow me to meet new people and allow me more opportunities to have my much needed chinwag. So eight months ago I started doing podcasts and created for myself two Facebook groups and my problem of loneliness, trying to connect and meet like-minded entrepreneurs was solved.

So I would like to invite all you budding womanpreneurs out there as a guest on my podcasts show She Means Business. If you are a woman in business I really would love to connect with you. Below is my little note to you, hope you take me up on my offer.

Hello you wonderful Ladies out there,

I wonder if any of you would be interested in being a guest on my radio show called SHE MEANS BUSINESS. Do you have a story you would like to share of a business accomplishment? A Personal story of overcoming a huge challenge in your life? Or you would just love to share your expertise with my 200,000 audience?

You also get to win a chance to be featured on my online magazine and video platform.

And a free shout out on my social media platforms,





I know how that feels as I’ve been featured on two major digital newspaper platforms in the UK, US and Africa. Huffington Post and The Guardian.

If you would love to be a guest on my show please send me a message below here and tell me why you would like to be on the SHE MEANS BUSINESS. I look forwards to hearing from you all. Your also more than welcome to send me a message or fill out my be on the show online form

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