Preparing for a Job Interview? Take This Quiz

Preparing for a Job Interview – Take the Quiz After the resume and cover letter has been sent you patiently wait by the phone for that phone call to set up your interview.

Now is the time for some tips on how to prepare for the interview. Are you ready with intelligent answers to their tough interviewing questions? What about explaining why you left your last job? There are ways to be honest without hurting your chances of getting hired.

Read through the following TRUE/FALSE statements to assess if your interview savvy.

1. Spending a lot of time preparing for a job interview will make me seem desperate.

FALSE – There is nothing worse than being unprepared. Make sure you have done your homework about the organization and the job skills required before the interview. This will help you when the interview question “Why do you want to work here?” is thrown at you. Plus you can ask knowledgeable questions when your turn comes around.

2. When preparing for a job interview – put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes to see things from their perspective.

TRUE – Typically interviewers are busy and easily distracted. Remember that you might be one out of ten people that they have interviewed that day. Don’t make them struggle to get answers out of you or make sense of your mumbling.

3.Role playing to prepare for typical interview questions is really important.

TRUE – Practising your responses to typical questions is really important. Role play with a friend and get feedback on how your answers sound. Ask your friend if you seemed nervous or hesitant with your answers.

4. If you have reservations about your abilities or skills for the position you should tell the whole truth.

TRUE/FALSE – You should never tell a lie and say you have five years experience when you have only two. You should never disclose your faults either. If you left your last job because you were fired – do not bring it up. If they ask you about it tell the truth and emphasize what you learned from it.

5. A job interview is a one way conversation – like a talk show.

FALSE – Having a one sided conversation can be exhausting for the interviewer. Make sure you have relevant questions about the job.

6. Interviewers are like dogs – they can smell fear.

TRUE – During the interview – the interviewer will try to determine your overall confidence. Your body language indicated your level of self esteem. Be sure of yourself and be confident – remember what you practised! You did practice right?

7. The “real me” will shine through no matter whether I am dressed in jeans or in a suit.

FALSE – What you wear will form your first impression. You should try to see what the dress code is for the job. Men should be neat and tidy. Women should stay away from anything low cut or too short – be professional.

8. Sending a thank-you card is an important way of standing out.

TRUE – Thank you cards are not only good etiquette but good self marketing too.

9. Making demands for the ideal salary and vacation on the very first interview is very risky.

TRUE – We are all anxious to know what salary we will be making but reserve that conversation until you have a firm job offer.

10. It doesn’t matter if I am late – everyone runs late for interviews.

FALSE – you need to be early for the interview – even if the interviewer is late. If you are late for your first impression the interviewer will assume that you might be late every day for work. It will not look good for your level of organization and how you treat others. Remember that most jobs today involve teamwork – you need to be trusted. Arriving early will give you time to calm down and prepare.

Typical Interview Questions

Describe yourself.

Explain why you are qualified for this job.

What do you know about our company and why do you want to work for us?

Why did you leave your old job?

Describe your coping techniques when asked to deal with a highly stressful situation.

Are you goal oriented?

How do you typically deal with conflicts?

Give us an example of a situation when you failed to meet your objective.

Give us an example of a time you took initiative – what was the outcome?

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