Parenthood And Long Hair During Pregnancy

If they don’t cut their hair in pregnancy, many women cut their hair shorter after the baby is born. The reason, as always, is that it’s easier to deal with.

If you think about it, though, long hair may not require that much extra effort when compared to short hair. You’ll spend less time getting it cut at the salon, which can be nice when you have to fit that in around your children’s schedules. Brushing your hair only takes a little longer for well-maintaned long hair than it does for shorter hair.

Pulling the hair back in a ponytail is easy and practical for any hair that is long enough for that style. I’ve always been fond of braiding my hair when I need a lot of control.


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Children love long hair. My daughter is always asking me to brush her hair long, “like Rapunzel’s.” My kids would be shocked if I cut my hair.

But what about those hectic days when you have a hard time even getting into the shower? Isn’t long hair inconvenient then?

It doesn’t have to be. Twist your hair up into a knot if you don’t absolutely have to brush it and you won’t have to wait for it to dry. My hair needs washing only about every other day before I start to notice an oily feeling… occasionally daily in summer due to the heat, and sometimes I suspect I could get away with washing it less in winter if I were in THAT much of a hurry. It’s just so nice to get out of the shower some days, feeling clean, but not needing to worry about drying my hair.

Moms do not have to have short hair. It’s common practice these days, but it’s nice to stand out in a way you won’t regret later. I often get envious comments from other moms, and meeting other long haired moms is fun. No, we don’t talk about having long hair all the time… occasionally share care or styling tips, but I think most women do that anyhow. It’s just a little something we automatically know we have in common.

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Keeping your hair long is also a great way to feel feminine. My husband and I knew each other for years before we married, but had lost contact for a time, during which I grew my hair out. His first comment on seeing me after 5 years apart, aside from general hellos was “I love your hair.” I don’t say that’s the only reason we got back together, not by a long shot, but it sure didn’t hurt. He’d be quite disappointed if I cut my hair. Few men can resist long hair. When you’re a parent and sometimes there aren’t many ways to show your feelings, little things like teasing him with long hair works quite nicely.


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