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No More Stress Here’s How To Sell Your Niche Product In A Stress Free Way For Maximum Results And Profits

As we all know to well that for any business, brand or potential start-up to be successful or to have any market foot hold out there will depend on their ability to be able to sell or some may like to say share their message, product service and all that wonderful stuff.

And let’s be honest here and face it, let me do a poll.

“Hands up you lovely people out there if any of you just love selling?”


Don’t worry you’re not alone, join the growing club members of people who struggle with it.

Well today is your lucky day because I’am going to give you some of my juicy secrets I use to sell and a helping hand on this matter as I have helped many clients with the subject matter of branding, marketing and sales, and oh did I mention that I also LOVE IT!

I’am going to give you the ins and outs of selling niche products outside the Internet marketing industry so you can promote your product and get yourself heard.

I will give you ideas for targeted sale letters, promotional e-mails, website content, list building and traffic generation. Once you combine all these tools and strategies together you’ll have an arsenal of successful marketing weapons at your disposal.

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie selling niche products as a business, or experience affiliate marketer or auction seller. I will give you an overall road map for improving Your business awareness so to help you develop your niche selling process.

I am going to share with you:-

  • How To Sell Jewellery
  • How To Sell Music
  • How To Sell Movies
  • How To Sell Video Games
  • How To Sell Sports Equipment
  • How To Sell Electronics
  • How To Sell Cosmetics
  • How To Sell Furniture
  • How To Sell Software
  • How To Sell Appliances
  • How To Sell Exercise Equipment
  • How To Sell Books And Magazines
  • How To Sell Baby Products
  • How To Sell Toys
  • How To Sell Diet Products
  • How To Sell Clothes
  • How To Sell Home Improvement Products
  • How To Sell Lawn And Garden Products
  • How To Sell Pet Products
  • How To Sell Party Supplies

So are you ready? let’s do this.

This Week is all about How To Sell Jewellery

Do you have a jewellery business that you would love to expand and grow? Or your thinking of starting a business selling jewellery? So the number fundamental question we must ask ourselves before getting started is:

PROCESS 1: What Are The Reasons Why People Buy Jewellery?

People have many different reasons why they buy products. It’s your job to figure out what reason(s) will persuade them to buy. The reasons are usually based on emotions they want to experience rather than logical reasons.

Here are some reasons get you started:

  1. They want highlight or decorate a certain part of their body.
  2. They want to purchase the jewellery as a gift for another person.
  3. They want to accessorise an outfit(s) that they wear.
  4. They want to use it as a symbol of a specific time in their life.
  5. They want to show off their expensive jewellery to others.
  6. They want to propose or show their marriage with someone else.

These are good questions to ask yourself to get you thinking and looking at the bigger picture. Remember your working with really people with real emotions living real lives. So you want to make sure that you are creating and giving them products that they actually want and are looking for.

Okay lets look at step two process.

PROCESS 2: The Types Of Jewellery To Sell

There are many types of products you can sell. You just need to determine who your target market is and what specific item they want. Or you could sell a couple different ones in a package deal.

Here is a good list to get you thinking:

Rings – diamond, stone, wedding, engagement, bands, metal, etc

Bracelets – wrist, ankle, beaded, metal, charm, plastic, etc

Earrings – studs, danging, hoops, pierced, clip on, etc.

Watches – pocket, wrist, digital, windup, hands, etc.

Necklaces – beaded, rope, pearl, chain, pendant, locket, chokers, etc

Pins Or Brooches – ornaments, business, memorise, symbols, etc

PROCESS 3: Words Or Phrases That Sell Jewellery

There’s no point going through step one and two without step three. If you miss out step three then your simply going to be wasting your time. One of the fundamental things when it comes to promotion, marketing and selling your product is the words you are using t sell it. If you are using the wrong words with the message then the outcome you desire will not work. Just one simple word or phrase in your ad copy can be the difference between whether a person buys or not. You need to use words that will persuasively describe your product. You can use them for headlines, benefits, features, p’s; etc.

Here are some targeted words and phrases I came up with if you are selling Jewellery:

stunning     fashionable   romantic      rare

gold/silver    sparkle      priceless     perfect cut

diamond     elegant      hand crafted   shiny

valuable     glamorous    gorgeous     flawless

beautiful     bright       dazzling      precious

Remember you’ve got t think outside the box and imagine yourself in your customers shoes. Remember we talked about in process one the reasons why they would want to buy jewellery? So these words reflect the reasons.

PROCESS 4: Graphics Or Images That Sell Jewellery

When it comes to selling it’s all about the different ways you can tell your story or showcase your products.

“As true as the saying goes a picture tells a thousands words”

As you may know, pictures can sometimes sell better than words alone. People will project themselves in the pictures and persuade themselves to buy the product. Even the colours of your web site and graphics can trigger people to buy.

Here are some imagery ideas use your imagination on this one, I’ve purposely left out the pictures:

A body part with a sparkling piece of jewellery on it.

The positive facial expression of someone wearing the jewellery.

A piece of jewellery in a beautiful, elegant case.

A piece of jewellery a store has in a shining jewellery case.

PROCESS 5: Stories That Sell Jewellery

In most sales letters, audio ads or video ads there is usually a mini story that advertisers use to attract you to the product. Some people even imagine themselves in the story as they hear it. Now we are not trying to trick your customers but what we are doing here is allowing your customers the chance to be able to use their god given six sense that are sometimes trapped within the subconscious and buy using imagery and stories well help them to tap into that part that actually makes them more happy and expressive

Here are some good story lines to think about now these are just some of my ideas you need to come up with yours as you get to know your customers:

A creative engagement proposal.

People giving someone a compliment about their jewellery.

A wedding ceremony exchanging the rings.

Someone opening up a jewellery gift for a birthday.

Someone having a good time with a piece of jewellery on.

Don’t stop here you can come up with your own story line s or pop over to YouTube and watch some there.

PROCESS 6: Backend Products To Sell With Jewellery

It’s all about providing your customer with a great customer experience and that should also include providing them with other options. Once a person decides to buy or becomes a customer it is a good idea to offer them another product soon after because they are already in a buying mood. It’s actually usually easier to sell to an existing customer than a brand new prospect. If you take out the time to take care of your existing customers once you acquire them instead of always constantly looking fr more you will build a loyal fan or customer base.

Here are some add on product ideas you may want to add:

Jewellery Cleaner – To clean and make their jewellery look like new.            

Jewellery Box – To store all their new and old jewellery in.                

Jewellery Insurance – To repair jewellery parts or replace lost stones.

Jewellery Gift Wrapping – To give as a gift to another person.

Jewellery Materials – To make their own custom jewellery at home.

PROCESS 7: Bonus Or Content Ideas That Sell Jewellery

Mainly businesses or affiliates will give people information product bonuses or use content on their website to encourage engagement and them to buy. They also use them as incentives to get people to subscribe to their opt-in list.

Here are some bonus or content suggestions you can to your website or business:

A report on how to clean jewellery.

A article on buying jewellery for less.

An e-book on how to make your own jewellery.

A video on how to sell jewellery at online auctions.

A audio how to take care of jewellery.

PROCESS 8: Keywords And Phrases That Sell Jewellery

Tons of people like to promote their products in the search engines or with pay per click ads because they are a good, high traffic resources. The main objective here is to use or pick the right keywords and phases that will increase your web site ranking or sell the best.

Here are some keywords and phrases to get you started:

jewellery          handmade jewellery    silver jewellery       men’s jewellery

gold jewellery      antique jewellery      turquoise jewellery    crystal jewellery

gemstone jewellery  pearl jewellery        wholesale jewellery    jewellery designs

bead jewellery      costume jewellery     beaded jewellery      fashion jewellery 

diamond jewellery   fine jewellery         handcrafted jewellery  unique jewellery  

vintage jewellery    glass jewellery        jewellery stores       wedding jewellery

online jewellery     artisan jewellery      bracelets jewellery     jewellery necklace

rhinestone jewellery  white gold jewellery    heart jewellery        hand made jewellery

jewellery earrings   charm jewellery       stone jewellery       rings jewellery

wire jewellery      jewellery gifts         wholesale jewellery    leather jewellery

I bet you never knew that there was so many keywords out there for selling one piece of Jewellery? well these are just a few there are many more out there. the trick is to find the keywords that ranking the best or at first to second page on google.

PROCESS 9: Special Offers That Sell Jewellery

We have come to our finial process on our journey of selling jewellery online. Even though is the final point all point above are equally as important as this one so take note of all the above process I have shown you today. So a lot of people decide to buy products because of a special offer or promotional deal. People are always looking for a good bargain or a extra incentive. I sure know I’am when it come to buying something I want. I’ve been known to take days on it before buying.

People use logical reasons to buy to backup their emotional wants and needs.

Here are some special offers examples that you might want to add:

A lifetime diamond money back guarantee.

Buy one necklace get another one at half off.

We will match any other jewellers price.

No down payment is required and easy payments.

Trade in your old jewellery for a substantial discount.

So we have come to the end of week one. I truly hope what I’ve shared with you today has not been overwhelming. You can always come and visit and reread it. Just bookmark it for next time. Why don’t you also come over to Rachael Academy for more great and informative article to help you launch, run and grow your own highly success business.

Named Top Global Marketing Expert by Huffington post and She Inspires Her. Rachael Aprill Phillips is the CEO and Founder of Rachael Academy.The online platforms that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners to launch, run and grow highly successful businesses.Your also more than welcome to send me a message

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