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My Greatest Wish & Dream Is To See Yours Materialise. Another Happy Client

Hello all hope this finds you well.

As I mentioned in my previous article a while back that I had taken on some new clients. Within the year or so I have been working closely with some amazing individuals and just being round them, coaching them, listening to them as they share with me their dreams hopes and visions and watching them take action on their goals and catching their vision and running with it has left me frankly not needing to go to the gym for my regular full workout.

I’m so passionate about what I do as a branding, marketing, business launch expert and business coach/consultant. I truly love what I do for a living because I get to be part of so many success stories and you know what, their not all mine but my clients and that puts a smile on my face.

I’m So proud of my client Feyi J Who came to me just over a year ago with a dream of wanting to launch her own fitness and personal coaching company and of one day having her own TV show or DVD workout series and LOOK! it has happened.

Her new DVD just came off the press 3 days ago and is now live on amazon for you to gaze your eyes at . Since her DVD going live she has spoken on stage with me at an event I hosted for the Ghana Chamber of Commerce UK as Director and both of us will be jetting away to Ghana in the new year for a full week women’s convention which both of us will be speaking in, in preparation of her moving forwards with her next goal of becoming a motivational speaker.

We still have some goals to tick of her list but we are firmly on our way to making sure she gets there.

Client: Feyi J


Website: Coming soon

Product: DVD: The Bootylicious Workout With Feyi J

Well done Feyi I am so proud of you and I know there’s going to be many more success stories coming your way.


Author: Rachael Aprill Phillips

Bio: Rachael Aprill Phillips is the CEO and founder of The Richible Group a collective of companies whose vision is to help over a million people launch, run and grow a highly successful business. She was also named Top Global Marketing Expert by Huffington Post.

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