If You Crash Your Tesla to Save a Life, Elon Musk Might Foot the Bill

Buying a Tesla certainly isn’t cheap — the 2017 Model S starts at $ 68,000 and tops out at $ 138,000. So it stands to reason that the vehicles are probably fairly expensive to fix, too. But if you wreck your Tesla while being a Good Samaritan, Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk may happily foot the bill.

This week, a Tesla owner in Munich, Germany, used his car to save the life of a fellow driver on the Autobahn.

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When 41-year-old Manfred Kick realized that the driver of a nearby Volkswagen Passat was unconscious at the wheel, he pulled in front of the vehicle and braked until both cars came to a safe stop. He then proceeded to give the ailing driver CPR and had other passersby call the fire department for help, the Muenchner Merkur reported.

Both men are fine now, but Kick’s quick thinking landed them with combined damages of more than $ 10,000. However, yesterday Musk tweeted that Tesla will take care of the bill.

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