How VR Will Change the Way We Work

We’ve been writing a lot about virtual reality lately, and for a good reason. It’s looking like VR might be the next seismic shift in how we experience computing. Just like the Internet changed the way we interact with machines and information, VR could take us to another level of immersion. And if you think that it’s just for gaming (which, to be fair, is currently its primary strength), you’ve got another think coming.

The evolution of just about every major technology we’ve seen in the last few decades has started with entertainment and then made its way to productivity. Think about how high-end game engines pushed CPUs and graphics cards to be more powerful. Developers who start out making games in VR are going to want to use that tech for other things as well.

The most unlikely customer for these new virtual worlds is your boss. The modern workplace has changed drastically in the last three generations, and it’s only going to get weirder. It’s highly possible that VR integration will drastically alter the way you do your job. Check out the slideshow for some of the ways that could happen.

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