How to Turn Your Hobby As A Cook Into A Thriving Business


A hobby, by definition, is something you do for pleasure at your leisure. You don’t do it for the money, even though it’s likely you’re far better at it than you are at doing your regular job.

The working day dream for all of us is to feel the same passion for work as we do for our favourite pastime, but the risk factor stops us from making the two become one and the same. But for every cautionary tale (we all know the mate who quit his job to become a DJ), there’s a baffling success story (those kids on YouTube who make millions playing video games).


If you go for it carefully, you too can turn your drive into a living. Just don’t lose sight of the difference between the two – one’s for fun, the other for funds. Here’s to having both!

Is It Viable?
It’s tempting to tell your boss to shove it and imagine the story ending with you brandishing an award, but you need to be sure you’ve got what it takes – both in terms of product and the mind-set to handle the pressure that’ll come with it.

“Develop a side-hustle,” advises Melinda Emerson, author of Succeed As Your Own Boss. “That way you can test the waters and learn some of those expensive lessons in business while you are still collecting a paycheque.”

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