How to Prepare for the Perfect Workday

New research finds that people who psych themselves up for work on their commute to the office are happier. Here’s how to give yourself a personal pep talk that will leave you feeling better and more focused about the workday ahead.

(Illustrations: Graham Roumieu)

Unplug before your personal pep talk

Step 1: Unplug. It’s tempting to zone out with a podcast, but this trip is a time for reflection.

Ground yourself before your personal pep talk

Step 2: Ground yourself. Sit up straight and focus on breathing. Really think about the day ahead.

Set goals during your personal pep talk

Step 3: Set goals. Make a mental list of what you want to accomplish in the next eight (or 10 or 12) hours.

Cheer yourself on during your personal pep talk

Step 4: Cheer yourself on. Even a small serge in confidence will temper a daunting to-do list.


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