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How To Live A Purposeful Action Driven Life

living an action-oriented life, this should matter to you more than actually reaching your goal of becoming a millionaire.~Rachael Aprill Phillips~

Most of the people who make lethal mistakes in their lives do so because they confuse themselves between two very important aspects that govern their lives – their purposes and their aspirations. Since we are trying to see how to add more value to your life, it becomes very important to understand the difference that lies between these two. Let us see how purposes and aspirations differ from each other and why it is crucial to understand this difference.

Imagine that you want to become an actor. Now, that is called as your aspiration. You aspire to become an actor, to see yourself on the cinema screen, on the billboards, etc. When you aspire to become something, you also aspire for all the baggage that comes along with it. Aspirations are like a perfume that spreads in various directions. They don’t have a fixed focus and most times, they are abstract. Like, you may want to become an actor, but you don’t any preferences about what kind of actor you would want to become. You don’t mind if you become an actor in action flicks or in romcoms or even on television or on Broadway. The only thing you aspire for is to become an actor, but you don’t have preferences there.

Now, purposes are vastly different. Like aspirations, they aren’t vague. They are concrete. When a person has a purpose in mind, there is something definite in their mind. They are actually doing something in the direction of achievement. Like, you take up an acting course because you want to become an actor. Now there you have a purpose. You aren’t just shooting in the dark. You are doing something so that you can achieve what you dream about.

We have spoken about purpose-driven and action-driven lives before. So we know that action is even more superior to purpose. So, when you take up the course, you have to go right ahead and follow it through. You have to practice, you have to rehearse and you have to mold yourself so that you become the actor you want to become.

‘When you just dream about doing something, you lead an aspiration-driven life’.~Rachael Aprill Phillips~

‘When you decide to take steps in order to fulfill your dreams, you lead a purpose-driven life’.

When you actually act on those steps so that you can fulfill your dreams one day, you lead an action-driven life. It is not difficult to understand which kind of life is the most enriched in quality.

Action Needn’t Be Physical All the Time

It is quite erroneous to assume that action is only what we do physically.

People have a very wrong notion about action. The word action has got a very Hollywood-esque meaning for most people. For them, action needs to be physical. So if you say someone is performing some action, it usually means that that person is doing something with hands or feet or whatever. The sad part about this is that people don’t take the mind into account. What we really need to remember here is that a lot of action starts in the mind. And a lot of it ends in the mind as well.

“Yes, thinking is as good an action as any”.

Your thinking can come in various ways. Your planning, for example, is an action-oriented activity. You are thinking. You are using the channels of your brain. This is serious work! let me tell you.

So, with anything that you take up, you aren’t beginning to work only when you start it physically. It begins right when you start thinking about it. Nowadays, we speak a lot about the power of thought, about how thought can make things happen. If you think about something hard, you are predisposing yourself into doing things that way. For example, if you think highly optimistically about buying a new car, you are very likely to do things that take you toward it.

This is how thought works. It brings results. That is why thought is a very integral part of your whole life. You do most things the way you think. If this isn’t action, what is?

It is quite right to say that action needn’t be physical all the time. It is manifested in various other ways, and a very significant manifestation of it is in through the way you think. So today begin planning for what you want to achieve. This is really where your action-driven life makes a start.


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