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How To Get A Gig To Write For A World Famous Blog

You just landed a contributor gig for a well know company who for now I’ll keep mum’s the word for now. I love what I do so I keep doing it. This is why I landed the gig.

But beyond being passionate about writing I want to step you through how to write for a world famous blog.

1: Spend 5-10 Years Practicing Your Skills

Mark Cuban, Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuk are fellow contributors at Pos Pos. Each is an icon because each dude developed their skills through years and even decades of practice.

I have spent a decade of my life practicing my writing, creating helpful content and building strong bonds with top bloggers.

Only a few folks contribute to famous blogs because only a few folks practice their skills almost daily for a decade or longer.

Those who practice diligently outshine all other folks in their niche and gain a platform through which to inspire the world.

2: Follow Your Passion Not Profits

Even though I have experienced some worldly success I give little thought to what I get through my efforts. Giving is my focus.

This is because I feel passionate about blogging.

Contributing regularly to a world famous blog requires you to be passionate about your blogging niche. No sense trying to fake the passion; folks will see through you.

Successful bloggers struggle to reach the next level because success goads ’em back into their comfort zones. Profits flow in and some folks lose their fire to excel, to grow and to practice because making money was one of their chief goals.

Passionate bloggers keep going and keep growing no matter how much money they make. This is why they outshine all other bloggers and land writing gigs on world famous blogs.

I once read that after his company went public how Tony Robbins was pulled off the stage at one of his seminars. An assistant told him how his net worth rose to over $300 million USD in the prior hour after his company went public.

Tony’s response?

He glanced at the person, casually said, “OK” and sprinted back to the stage to inspire the troops.

Being passionate focuses your attention and energy on the process, not the profits. Sure you feel grateful for profits rolling in but since it was always about the passion you continue to practice, to serve and to persist, even after you’ve been featured on world famous blogs.

3: Write Your Butt off

I have written millions of words during my blogging career.

If you practice writing more than most bloggers you land writing spots on world famous blogs.

This tip ties into step 1; commit to your craft for 5-10 years.

4: Mimic the Blog and Brand Voice

Positively Positive has a clear, distinct blog and brand voice. All world famous blogs tend to be world famous by having its writers honor the brand message.

I read PP for months to get a feel for the blog voice. Compassionate, empathetic and yep; sharing your struggles, being vulnerable and stressing your pains and fears strikes a chord with PP readers.

My first guest post submission missed the mark a few years ago. But 3 submissions later I’ve been invited to be a full time contributor.

Guys; this tip is incredibly important to follow. No way you land a writing gig on a world renowned site unless you honor the blog tone to resonate with readers.

Skilled writers often note how appearing on certain blogs seems difficult. The difficulty usually sprouts from a blogger writing how they want to write versus matching a blog and brand voice.

Any passionate, patient and generous blogger willing to hone their skills over years can land a contributor gig on a world famous blog. See the journey through so you too can cyber hobnob with celebrities.



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  1. I must say, as significantly as I enjoyed reading what you had to say, I couldnt help but lose interest after a while. Its as if you had a excellent grasp on the topic matter, but you forgot to include your readers. Perhaps you should think about this from additional than 1 angle. Or maybe you shouldn’t generalise so substantially. Its better if you think about what others may have to say instead of just heading for a gut reaction to the topic.

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