How To Create A Wealthy Lifestyle With Ebay


Why is Drop Shipping so Popular?

The main reason why drop shipping has become so popular is that it is by far the most efficient way to sell retail products. Anyone surfing the web will find a site selling a product they want and then make a purchase. The drop shipper owner will then pass that order to their wholesaler along with full payments.

From that point on, the wholesaler will process the order, package the product with the website owner’s business name, and ships it directly to the customer. The website owner or drop shipper bought the product at wholesale price and then sold it to the customer for whatever price they could charge, and profited from the difference. This type of business holds many promises for certain individuals with the willingness to work hard.

However, there is more to this than you may think. There is no “baggage” because there is no physical store to operate or any inventory to keep. Stores like Costco will get better wholesale prices because they buy in very large quantities. They still do not make as much profit on each item as a drop shipper because of the costs of operating the store itself.

Being a drop shipper with eBay

Today, websites are much cheaper to create and operate than an actual retail store. They sometimes require a rather sizeable investment of both time and money. Websites alone are known to eat up a lot of money. To the internet rookies, they can cost a fortune. Luckily, this is where eBay will step in.

For a very small investment, you can post your items on eBay and be exposed to many potential customers with money in hand waiting to buy. In this fashion you do not have to worry much about maintenance or extra hosting fees.

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Because of the massive traffic on eBay, it is highly possible to make a large amount of money by becoming a drop shipper. If you just think of the eBay’s tiny fee as a business expense, there really is no downside to the arrangement. This is much easier than starting your own website and worrying about building traffic for sales. Everything is right there for you.

Here are a few simple secrets that current drop shippers use to make a fortune off eBay;

1) Finding a profitable niche.

For those of you who have not heard of this term; a niche is a specialty or subject that you will focus on when deciding what products to offer your potential customers.

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Choose something you know a lot about as you may have a better idea of the pricing for products you are familiar with. You may also know what your customers are willing to pay for products.

2) Find reliable drop shipment suppliers.

This may take some time and research by you. If you are very lucky, you may find a local wholesale supplier willing to drop ship products for you to your customers.

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Another choice is to consult a  drop ship wholesale directory in order to find the type of products you want to offer within your niche.

3) List items on eBay.

This is an important step even if you want to sell items on a small website. Remember that eBay is a site filled with massive amounts of traffic each day.

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4) Keep you customers for future sales.

Not only is this easy but also highly important. Use the list of customers which you have gathered to offer  deals, or new products you may offer in future sales. You can even just send those prospects tips and information about your sales.

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5) Expand your product base.

If you happen to add new products to your niche, your customers are more likely to return to the website. If it is a hot new item “fresh” out on the market there is an even higher percentage they will purchase it. You may also want to consider trying to jump into another niche. This will show your customers that you are well rounded as a seller.

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While some people may not like the idea of depending upon eBay for their business, the issue still remains that drop shippers can benefit from this dynamic partnership. Because of the incredibly low operational costs associated with drop shipping, the eBay fee is a very small price to pay for the high traffic offered by the site.

There is no better time to become a drop shipper than today. If you decide to join in, then it is highly recommended that you use eBay’s services. For just a tiny fee you get access to a missive amount of customers with money in hand waiting to buy something. There are many individuals who earn $12,000 to $15,000 per month as drop shippers. There is an unlimited number of opportunities presently available in the home business industry.


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