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How To Create A Positive Mindset To Deal With The Troubles That Life Brings Your Way

I can hear myself talking to myself as I sit to write my latest article after experiencing quite an eventful day with a difficult business issue. ‘Okay Rachel relax and breath, breath, don’t let it get to you, remember your learning this year to just take life with a grain of salt and soon this problem will soon pass‘.

Have you ever experience those moments where you ether want to let lose and cry or all that you know in life rolls into a ball of those famous four words that are waiting to spill out of your mouth…..

I know the feeling.

Not letting things get to you and taking life with a grain of salt is easier said than done, sometimes even though we know it’s the answer to living a happy stress free life; I know you know but it’s when we don’t realise how much stress is building up because we’ve been holding things back, worrying about things and harbouring grudges that many problems start to occur in our life.

When things are allowed to build up over time in our lives we get overwhelmed. But did you know that there are many techniques that we can use to slow down, relax and take life that little bit easier?

Especially when our feelings threaten to overwhelm us.

If we don’t learn to take things with a grain of salt and not worry about every little thing and stress becomes habitual then it can have a severe effect on our health. “Burnout” is the term that is commonly used and you can burnout through problems caused by work, your lifestyle or individual personality characteristics. The symptoms of burnout can be varied but all have an adverse effect on health and happiness over the long term if you don’t change the situation that causes it.

A loss of physical energy If you are continually faced with stress then it can have a draining effect on your body and mind, this will make you feel as though you have less energy and can make you totally lethargic. You may no longer have the interests you once had or the social life you once did, even the thought of getting out of bed may seem like too much trouble.

Leaning To Deal With Frustration

Have you ever felt Frustrated?- Stress leads to frustration because you may feel sad for no particular reason, impatient or even ever changing moods, this will eventually lead to you feeling as though you are losing control over your life or that you no longer have the ability to control it.

Problems in your relationships? –You may find that you are letting relationships slide, this could be because you find yourself losing patience with people around you, you have less interest in things you used to do with others or you feel you cant mix with people you used to like being with.

A pessimistic outlook-When you are feeling burnout it gets increasingly harder to become excited about life and the things you used to do and enjoy, your thoughts turn ever increasingly to negative ones rather than positive and you find it harder to look on the bright side in any situation. It becomes almost impossible to take life with a grain of salt and let even the smallest of things roll off your back and you gradually get deeper into a rut.

Here are a few more of my tips to help you avoid burn outs

• Learn a relaxation technique such as meditation.

• Get plenty of exercise every week.

• Make sure you eat a sensible and healthy diet.

• Take time out for yourself everyday.

• Learn to shrug your shoulders and cast aside anything that you cannot possible change

• Do something that you enjoy doing everyday.

• In a particularly stressful time, relax as best as you can, take slow deep breaths and count to 10

Learning How Deal With Your Problems Through Problem solving

Let’s look at learning to deal with our problems through problem solving. I actually took a problem solving course about 5 years ago one I would highly recommend anyone to take after faced with a problem I just couldn’t solve by myself and at that time I didn’t want to tell anyone else about. We all come across problems that affect our life and we have to deal with them. However, its how we deal with them that can make all the difference in the world.

Problems can occur in life through mistakes that we make ourselves or through unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, whichever way they cross our path we should deal with them in the same levelheaded way.

Stay In Control

There are basic ways in which we can help ourselves overcome problems easier when life throws them our way but the most important of them is to remain in control of your thoughts and feelings. Remember that worrying and getting upset about any situation wont change the situation in any way, it won’t make it go away by magic. Try to think of problems as challenges that arise, tests that are put in our path to see how we deal with them and overcome them.

It is all about how we deal with problems emotionally that matter, our emotional state can take us through our problems if we allow it to. If you are prone to worrying when problems arise and allow depression to set in, you still have to get through the tough times, only they will be so much harder to get through.

The first thing you have to understand is that you don’t have to understand the cause of the problem in order to solve it and get past it. If only I knew why? Is the first question that many of us ask when faced with difficulty, but knowing why doesn’t change anything.

The solution to the problem lies ahead not behind and this is the way you should be looking, don’t spend any more of your energy trying to figure why, spend it focusing on looking for the solution.

Don’t spend anymore than 20% of your time on focusing on the problem and wondering why; do spend 80% on figuring out a solution to the problem.

The only question you need to ask yourself is “What am I going to do about it?

When problems get you down If problems are getting you down remember that everyday is a new day and that every moment always leads to new opportunities. ~ Rachael A. Phillips

While life seems to be throwing many problems your way right now it doesn’t mean it will tomorrow. Leave the past where it belongs and only concentrate on the future and it getting brighter day-by-day.

To help lift yourself up out of the blues ask yourself this question “What is happening in my life right now that I have to be grateful for?” if you sit down and think deeply about this, no matter how many problems you seem to have right now there is always something which you should be grateful for.

So dealing with solving problems is all about how you look at them, face them head on and don’t shrink from them in despair. Focus on obtaining a solution for solving the problem and then go for it full steam ahead until you have dealt with it and got through it.

I wish you all blessing and strength to help face and conquer your problems to start enjoying your life.


Rachael A. Phillips-Learning to live life on my terms how about you….?

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  2. Hi there Mitch oh we are so glad that it could help you in some way, if you still need help please do contact us.

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