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How To Bounce Back After A Big Mistake At Work

You didn’t seal the deal. You lost a big client. You made an accounting error that cost your company thousands of dollars.

All of us mess up sometimes the quicker you’re OK with that the better off you’ll be.

Have you recently made a mistake at work? It could be a small and unnoticeable one or a chair turning major one. Stop and take a moment to breath its all going to be all right listen all mistakes can be rectified yes even a big mistake can be rectified, with damage brought under control and the lessons learned prompting. This can help improve your processes and safeguard you for future mistakes.

Use these six tips to help you overcome what you did wrong.

  1. Own It

While many of us would prefer to forget our mistakes, initially you need to acknowledge to your supervisor and everyone involved that you’re accepting responsibility for what went wrong. If you do this right oh and straight away seriously and sincerely), you’ll only have to do it once.

  1. Take the Heat

Some of us walk around like butter won’t melt in our mouth so you may get teased or talked about by co-workers for some time maybe for a long time to come. Accept gentle steers with a gentle look and smile remember they are not focusing purely on you or your character but on the mistake itself. However, don’t take blatant abuse from someone who can’t get past what happened. If a colleague’s teasing becomes taunting, speak with your supervisors and your human resources department.

  1. Don’t Beat Yourself Up

It does no good for you and anyone else’s to dwell on your past mistakes, as this can lead to you doubting your abilities and competence as they wouldn’t have offered you the job in the first place. “This type of thinking is self-destructive and will only serve to hamper your future progress and effectiveness “Remember failure is not the end; there’s nothing wrong in falling down the problems come if we choose to stay down.

  1. Learn from the Past

Solicit advice from your boss and trusted associates to help you analyse what went wrong and how you might have avoided the error entirely. Go back through the process as long as is necessary; but make sure you don’t stay there too long be careful to avoid blaming yourself or anyone else for the mistake, despite what you may uncover. Just choose to learn from your own mistakes.

  1. Keep It In Perspective

Keep things in a healthy prospective allows for you to move smoothly from one phase to another. Seek a broad view of your career and accomplishments. “Chances are, you’ve experienced at least as many successes as failures learn from them and continue to build upon your strengths.”

  1. Happily Move On

You’ve said you’re sorry you’ve apologized. You’ve taken ownership, you’ve analysed where you went wrong that great, now, it’s time to move on. Now this might not be easy at first but if you continue to repeat the steps above, very quickly things will clam subside and pass. Don’t raise the topic of your mistake again. Your boss and co-workers want to move past this as much you do; continue to look to the future and don’t allow your career or day-to-day performance to be marred by one error.

Learners always grow be it knowingly or not you’ve grown a huge leap to recover from your mistake



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