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How To Become A Million Dollar Person

If You Want To Be A Millionaire You Have To First Learn To Think Like One

How many how to books have you read on getting rich?

Would an aspiring millionaire actually spend their money to buy these book or would they hang on to their seed money worried that they would run short before they even got started. After all, some of the best books on the market have studied millionaires and their methodology is based on just that, because really if you want to be a millionaire who better to study?

Over the years I’ve spent hundreds on books and programs down this road and so far it has been worth every penny.

A Little background I started my journey say 10 years ago not knowingly but in my twenties I got a hold of books hidden in my mothers spare room on the power of the mind and on the power of thinking and I was hocked. Since then I’ve owned and invested in six houses, travelled the world and visited expensive hotels and did all the things that are associated with having money. And I can tell you one thing….

If You Want Wealth you have to think wealthy. If you want to be a happy person you have to think happy thoughts and if you want to be a Millionaire You Have To First Learn To Think Like One.

I might as well let you all in on a little secret of mine and at the same time throw it out there to the universe. My goal aim and dream is to become a millionaire by the time I’m 40 I’m 37 so I’ve got some time yet to fulfil that dream.

Now I know that life is not all about money, I know, I know, but it sure helps to make it just that little bit more comfortable. But something more powerful and more important than money is The Power Of Our Minds.

“So could it be as simple as that?”

I mean Most millionaires have been right in some of the things they’ve done and some have been right in most of what they’ve done. Past that, you might be surprised to discover there isn’t that much different between their stories of success.

Millionaires Are Normal People

You might be surprised to learn that you could very well have a millionaire as a neighbour. Most millionaires do not lead extravagant lives. They live comfortable but they watch for sales, use coupons, buy in bulk, search for deals, refinish rather than replacing their furniture, and they are very practical, even frugal, in nature. As their wealth grows, they remain that way. I mean take a look at Warren Buffet he still lives in the same house he use to live in when he didn’t have much to rub together, “money that is, just checking”. I think he has been there now for the past 32 years you can read the story here

Taking Calculated Risks

Another common trait among millionaires is that they are not afraid to take risk. Don’t mistake this for taking foolish risks on get rich schemes. On the contrary, they do their research and take calculated risks on what they believe will make them money. But they do lose to and they are willing to take that risk. If they fail, they don’t quit. They dust themselves off and they go at it again.

Dreaming Big

Millionaires know how to dream big. They knew how to dream big long before they were a millionaire and this keeps them focused on making more money not spending less. You can save half of what the guy next door saves and still end up ahead thanks to what’s often referred to as ‘silly behaviour’ in investing. Translated this means you are busy chasing the next get rich investment rather than investing in sure fire assets small amounts every month to average your costs of investments.

Inspiration And Focus

It seems the essential ingredients in the recipe to wealth is to begin with inspiration and focus. Once you start to enjoy the money coming in you spend less than you make (that means no living on credit cards) and then you take those savings and you invest them wisely. It’s really that simple well once you get the hang of things.

How To Become A Million Dollar Person

Would you like to realise your goals? Maybe you’d like to run your own business, expand your material possessions, or succeed in the arts. There is no one path to the pot of gold, but many people of all backgrounds have successfully found it like me.

Whether you want to follow the ways of the great financiers, the famous politicians, or the dynamic movie stars, there are common modes of behaviour each of them followed that if you too put into practise and action then you be truly on your way to creating the life you so desire.

And in many cases, they have shared their secrets so YOU CAN FOLLOW THEIR FOOTSTEPS.

“If you wish to know the road up the mountain, ask the person who goes back and forth on it,” said the ancient sage, Zenrin.

What better way is there to know the secrets than to ask those who made it? What goals do you want to achieve? And what amount of effort can you commit?

You may want money for the extra things in life, money to build a corporate empire, or money to support yourself while you pursue the fine arts.

Perhaps you’d like to take the risk to start something new in your life. You may want to open your own business, devote your energies to an artistic career such as acting, or reap the benefits of your yearly endeavours with fabulous vacations several times a year.

What will bring you happiness? The satisfaction of success takes many forms. Not only are people seeking financial fortunes, but also the ancient goal of peace of mind.

Do you worry? You might be concerned about your health or your family’s well-being. You may be anxious about the added expenses of education, medical bills, or the steady increase of cost of living.

There are ways out of the endless cycles of worry, stress and anxiety. Right now, you can rise above the whirl of survival to achieve the accomplishments you dream of!

When you’re for-real ready to put your whole effort into realising your goals, YOU WILL SUCCEED.

My New Program The Secrets Of How The Millionaires Think. Coming soon….

And start the journey this year of living the life that you want without no cares and worries.

Rachael Aprill Phillips Living Life On My Terms, How About You?


Rachael Aprill Phillips is the CEO and Founder of The Richible Group the online platform for entrepreneurs helping them to launch, run and grow a highly successful business and brand.

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