How To Become A Exceptional Dynamic Woman


Growing up, I thought I had a pretty good idea what being a woman meant. All the women around me or at least the women I looked up to had a lot in common – they had successful careers, they were married, they were mothers, and they were involved in their communities. Looking back, I don’t know how the hell they did it – some days I come home and honestly am grateful that the only person I really have to cater to is myself.

It sounds selfish but it’s true. Yesterday, I started my day at 5:30 AM, after 3.5 hours of sleep, and after just managing to get in a workout at 9:30 PM, I didn’t get home till 11 PM. Most days aren’t like this but then I think of my mother who while married and working, obtained all her education to the PhD level, and raised five kids, I feel a little put to shame. HOW DID YOU DO IT MUM? I WANT TO KNOW THE SECRET!


This was an extract taken from the writings of Kovie Biakolo who rote a great piece titled 

What Does It Mean To Be A Woman?

Do you ask yourself this very question? Or are you a man who is on the  ever ending journey of knowing your woman?

When it come s to starting your own business as a women entrepreneur knowing the boundaries and how to’s of building a business can feel way out there.

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