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How Not To Let Your Dreams Of Success Overwhelm You

An interesting concept that reading Robert Holden, particularly in his book ‘Success Intelligence’ drove home to me is that ‘it’s imperative to define success for yourself in order to know when you’ve achieved it’. Otherwise you may find yourself aimlessly running on the tread mill which life can become, seeking to arrive at the destination of success, having no coherent definition of what that actually means for you.

For others of us it’s not so much that we need to define it, it’s that the road map to the destination we regard as success seams so nondescript and nebulous we feel little hope of ever attaining even the neighbourhood of our dreams and goals.

Let’s look therefore at a few specific points that will enable us to arrive safely at the haven for which we strive, in timely fashion with enough energy left to enjoy the fulfilment of our dreams, and not simply keel over in a ball of spent existence with our outstretched hand barley touching the finish line, the remainder of us forming a vertical heap distributed on the road side.

Firstly with that horrific image lingering in our minds; let’s look at the issue of breaking rules and limitations.

Even the suggestion for many of us is enough to cause us to recoil and consider backing off from the conversation as the very thought of breaking rules just doesn’t seem the right thing to do. People typically who have modelled success for us are not sheep, they are never a part of the crowd they are always going in a different direction, doing things other’s wouldn’t consider. Whether it is putting in the work others aren’t willing to put in or stepping into the fray others are too cautious to broach. But doing what everyone else is doing in this economy is never going to miraculously create a life of dreams and possibilities. And maybe for you that’s okay as we said at the beginning, we all need to define success for ourselves and for some of us were okay settling for what might to others appear a relatively mediocre existence.

Comparison is strictly not what we are after here except in so much as I believe we should all compare ourselves against our potential.

For me at least living beneath my potential is not something I consider an option. Why? Well two things really; one the thought that amidst the struggle and pain that life presents, I could have enjoyed considerably more surplus benefits, extra moments of pleasuresnicer toys, and do more exciting things with and for my family had I only thought further outside the box, really motivates me to insure that the story of my life isn’t one of missed opportunity or untapped potential.

I guess for myself I have defined the things that I believe to be cool and the lifestyle I regard as a life worth living. And the attaining of that in the specific elements in which I have defined them for me is high on my agenda as a priority I intend to see realised.

And two; when I consider the level of opportunity I do have before me, and by consider I mean from the perspective of someone who looks at my life and as far as they are concerned the fact that I live in the west means I have literally won the lottery of life. The wealth inherent in my western citizenship entitles me to opportunities many would put to tremendous use. I feel therefore I owe it to life to ‘mine’ the possibilities and to alter my perspective and rather than focusing on the apparent limitations focus on the tools I have at my disposal and think (operative word being ‘think’) how I can use them to maximise my potential and realise an existence that is able to be a productive part of the solution as opposed to another part of the problem. An active agent for change and help in a world that needs all hands on deck making a difference in the realms that matter, and for me that realm is the sphere of human existence.

Lives are precious and were not contributing to lift others heads up until we lift up our own heads and be the best us we can be. It’s with this in mind that I write things that hopefully may someday get into the hands of some individual wondering about their unique purpose and whether or not they have anything to contribute, and suddenly they are able to have a light bulb moment, or a moment of relit passion to get up again and complete the conquest they’d begun or embark on the mission that their life could never have been complete without.

I believe these kinds of lives have a knock on effect. If we all lived more purposefully, aligned with and too our core potentials, serving the rest of us by contributing our unique gift, the world would be a much more fulfilled place. If people knew their worth and knew how much humanity needs their contribution in order to be healed, they wouldn’t allow themselves to live a nondescript unimportant under achieving life. And if people knew that to maximise their potential is not the exclusive domain of the high flyer, or some select elite then perhaps we’d have the right people more often in leadership positions and we’d see more solutions and more problems creatively resolved as opposed to us all leaving it up to the ever elusive ‘them’.

Motivation is an intriguing stuff. Sometimes, you need big things – life events that have the power to turn you around – and sometimes, you only need those tiny motivators – a cute saying on a poster – to make you feel like you have to power to call your own shots.

Build a dream and fuel it.

Big or small, it really doesn’t matter. So long as you have a dream, a goal, an objective, something you can hold on to, something to work for…that’s good enough to get you started. Once you have identified that something you want to achieve, hook yourself into it. Believe in it. Fuel it and keep the fire inside you burning for it. Give all you can for that dream to be achieved. Oftentimes, it is easy to bargain that dream for something less, like things that can immediately provide us with passing gratification. But don’t fall easily into that trap. If possible, don’t buy it at all.

Just get on with it.

Don’t feel like getting out of bed? Don’t think this is the best time to start a new project? Don’t feel ready yet? Shut these negative ideas out. Feel like you truly are ready for something. Realize that every day is just as good to start new things as any other day. Always make yourself feel ready about everything, even when it is tempting to have a few minutes more of nap.

The most critical part is always the beginning. It is where hesitation, self-doubt and all those nasty ideas that hold you back comes in. But, refuse to listen to these. Instead, gain the momentum and get on with it. Start with simple things. Take the baby steps. It is easier to be continuously motivated when you know that you are achieving something every time you try. Afterwards, it is much easier to push yourself to finish the task or goal you are trying to pursue. Only then you can start to shoot for far larger stars.

Keep on believing.

Life knows how to deal with us. It can sense whether we are hot or cold towards our dreams. When we are on fire, it throws at us experiences that will shake our beliefs in ourselves, in the dreams we are trying to pursue. When we are damp, it tries to mellow down to lessen the doubts we are feeling. It is when you are already near the achievement of your goal that you should be careful. Because it is during times like this that you will have to prove to life that you truly are serious about pursuing your dreams. In this critical moment, don’t back down, no matter how strong the urge to forget about everything you have worked for. Keep a positive outlook.

Reward yourself.

Motivation can be rewarded in many ways, on many occasions. Throughout your journey, you will have little successes. And at the end, you have that one huge success. Whenever you overcome each of these successes, reward yourself. It is easy to keep on moving when you know that you are getting one step closer to realizing your dream.

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