How My Children Inspired Me To Start My Business: FAY JEGEDE

CEO and founder of Real Result Fitness and BOPALONG pre-school dance school seats down with us in the hot seat to share with us her journey of becoming an entrepreneur and starting two successful businesses.

Thank you Fay for joining us here at Richible.

Fay: It is my pleasure and thank you for having me here to today, so gld to be here thank you for the opportunity.


So tell us a little bit about yourself and how it all got started.


Fay: My name is Fay Jegede, and I have been a qualified Fitness Trainer for over 10 years. I’ve taught in various gyms and leisure complexes across Essex and London, delivering my own style of energetic and fun fitness classes. I teach Adult Group Exercise classes, offer 1-2-1 Personal Training, run children fitness sessions, and deliver various fitness programmes in the community.

As a child, I was very sporty and athletic, joining Newham & Essex Beagles Athletics Club at 12 years old and representing them in competitions. It is this love of Sport and exercise that has today developed into a life-long passion for Health & Fitness. Exercise and keeping fit is a passion that runs in the family, my brother is Commonwealth Long Jumper JJ Jegede.

If you’re quick enough, you may catch us both working out together, or racing each other on the Athletics track!  We’ve even been known to muse over a nutrition or business nugget together whilst enjoying a cuppa!

As well as being a qualified Fitness Trainer, I’m also a qualified FA Football coach, a busy mum to 4 young children whom I home-school, the founder of BOPALONG – a preschool dance business, and owner of Real Result Fitness.

So how did your first business Bopalong get started?

Fay: I founded BOPALONG in 2011 with inspiration from my then 3 wonderful children. Now aged 6, 5 and 3 years and the little addition who soon is going to be one years of age. They have certainly been the driving force behind it. It’s concept, idea and development has been very….

Who is behind the Product?

BOPALONG was founded in 2011 by me, Fay, with inspiration from my then 3 wonderful children which now are 4 my little bundle of joy who is now 1 years of age. The others are now aged 9, 8 and 6 years, they have certainly been the driving force behind it. Its concept, idea and development has been very influenced and guided by them all. Many of the elements in our BOPALONG dances have their input and unique stamp all over it! I often say that, “Without my children, there would be no BOPALONG”.

BOPALONG has been created from my children’s perspective, through their wonderful eyes and their love of dancing. I believe our motto “BOPALONG, lovingly created by my little ones for your little ones!” truly reflects that.

How did the company get started?

BOPALONG came about following a series of events that took place in my life in 2011 – the birth of my 3rd child, being made redundant from my job of 5 years; and the breakdown of my marriage. It was of course a very difficult and emotional time for me but I found a lot of solace and joy in the company of my 3 children. I concentrated my efforts on enjoying and spending my time with them and my new-born. One of the things that we loved doing most of all was Dancing! – moving about and dancing together to music and rhyme songs. I noticed that my children loved dancing, but more importantly that they loved dancing with Me.

They would always ask me to teach them a dance, and then get me to join in with them to dance to the music. I noticed the joy and smiles that came upon their faces when we danced together; and I soon realised the fun and joy of dancing with me made my children become more confident, happier, and loosened their inhibitions. I also found dancing together to be a great way to bond with my children, and it was
something we could all do together as a family.

Another plus was that it also allowed me to be a positive role model for them too – despite everything else that was going on around us. It was this love of dancing together that sparked something in me – and the idea for BOPALONG was borne.

What is the company about?

BOPALONG is a pre-school dance class for little ones to Bop and dance-together with their mums, dads, or carers to nursery, rhyme and dance songs. It is aimed at Boys and Girls from 18 months to 5 years old.

What do you hope to achieve?

First and foremost, I hope to be a positive role model for my 3 children. I want them to look at me and say ‘My mummy did it!’ I hope to inspire them to believe in their dreams, to know that despite challenges or set-backs that they too can achieve whatever they set their minds too. Of course for BOPALONG, I hope that people will fall in love with it, and that it will become recognised for its Uniqueness and FUN.

I would love it to see it become a successful and reputable brand of pre-school dance in the not too distant future. Finally, if I can inspire other mums and mumpreneurs out there too, not to let set-backs or challenges stop you from pursuing your dream, then I would have achieved so much!

Tell us about your new project Real Result Fitness and what it’s all about.

Fay: Exercise and Fitness is not just about getting Fit or Losing weight, it’s a way of Life. Developing new habits that lasts a lifetime is what I am all about. No faddy diets, no lose weight quick schemes, but about Fitness that will have people questioning your age and dress size. Once you embark on your fitness journey with me, you too will develop a love of exercise where not only will you LOOK GOOD, but you will also FEEL GOOD too!


How do you manage to have the time to look after your family and run your new business?

Fay: Today, as a mum of 4 children exercise is very much a natural part of our lives. I love it! My kids love it! We all love it! Exercise has been a wonderful antidote in my life, giving me confidence to bring up my beautiful children as a single parent! It gives me Strength, Energy, a Positive outlook on life’s challenges, and the Self-belief and Motivation that ‘I CAN DO IT!’

You may be a mum just like me, juggling the demands of life, raising children, school runs, housework, and husband, without any time left for you to take a break, let alone exercise! But it can be done, and I will show you how! Or you may be completely new to exercise and want some practical advice, some tried and tested methods to help you achieve the body you want safely and effectively.

Even whilst pregnant with all my children, the heaviest I ever got was 75kg. I never put on more than a couple of pounds. Why? Because I continued to exercise and take care of myself throughout my pregnancy and did not let the excuse of ‘eating for two’ ever enter my vocabulary. And so when I say I am speaking from experience, I really am.


Your Finial Thoughts.

Fay: So whatever your reason for stopping by or getting in touch, just know that I would love to help you, motivate and guide you to achieving your ultimate fitness goals, and getting the RESULT you really want in your life

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  1. I loved this story it was really moving and inspiring thanks for sharing> This something I want to so in the new year start my own business any ideas?

  2. Hi there Mandy we are glad you enjoyed the post. Yes 2017 is the time were everyone is preparing to step out and try something new it’s always the way in the new year but also a good time to start something new. If you are wanting help please visit our sister site there we offer our clients help and guidance in launching, running and growing a business. You can also contact us at

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