How I Turned My Life Around And Started My Own Specialist Business: JANE JONES

It is my pleasure to introduce you all to Jane Jones. I have come to know Jane for about 6 years. I remember our first meeting through social media. Jane had just finished her final exams and had become a fully fledged Personal Coach. I was responding to a question she had posted on LinkedIn looking for advice on where to start her coaching business.

Fast forward 6 years and Jane has certainly come a long way from I well I would say the hesitant and shy newbie entrepreneur I met 6 years ago to now running he own personal development and coaching business as a Mindset Breakthrough Strategist. So I thought it right to celebrate her launched of her website JANE ANN JONES by sharing with you her story and journey of entrepreneurship

I work with professional female entrepreneurs like you who have become stuck, overwhelmed, torn, imbalanced throughout their life journey as an entrepreneur and you now crave clarity, refocus, happiness, and wealth.

Are you a female entrepreneur who is ready to empower her mindset and break through and smash your limitations? Using my proven strategies, tools and techniques you will be able to enjoy more time with your loved ones, and have the life and business you dream of.

I believe:

Emotional strength and financial freedom are both possible, but what it takes to have them depends on two things;

1.Your Current Mindset

Your thoughts and feelings surrounding the things you want.

2.How Ready Are You?

How ready and able are you to make things happen in your life?

I believe everyone has the ability to change if they want to, all it takes is a shift in your mindset, which is created by peeling back the layers of who you are and who you are becoming. Also becoming aware of what brought you to this point right now in your life and taking the leap of faith to shine a cleansing light on the blind spots in your subconscious. It’s only then you can begin to rediscover your true self, your strengths, your purpose, your passions in your life and your business.

You then start the journey of getting to know the real you, the confident, vibrant, resilient and powerful you hiding underneath those pile of make belief that perhaps you never thought existed so you can start to begin to move forward and start to experience day by day the life and business you thought you could never have and only dream about.

You know the time is right, that your negative mindset blocks along with such things as procrastination, overwhelm and stress have had their time and now it’s YOUR time!

My story

My story begins at the tender age of 12, I started to struggle with fear, stress and anxiety due to bulling by my peers in school. I started to experience negative beliefs about myself and with my outlook on life due to the bulling I was experiencing. After going through daily abuse day after day I couldn’t take it anymore I decided to leave school at the age of 15. At the same point in my life I found myself struggling to eat a decent meal. I had lost my appetite for food just as I had lost my appetite for life. I was scared to even bring myself to walk to the front gate of my home by myself I feared being alone.

Things did not get better for me they actually got worse. At the age of 17, I developed anxiety and things became difficult for me. I became the sole carer for my mother who was suffering from a severe case of the same condition as me. I wasn’t strong enough I couldn’t do it anymore I couldn’t cope with all the problems that had become my daily life and reality due to the remnants of the emotional trauma I faced in school from bullying.

By the time I became 22 my life was back on track. I had built and developed emotional strength and a sense of self belief and confidence through self study and immersing myself in mindset books, and taking out the time to develop and work on my emotional well-being. My life started to change and improve to the point I felt I was ready to start looking for work.

I had never taken out the time to think about what I would ‘like’ to do. For me at that time it was just about getting a wage as I felt I had to catch up on lost time but my life had started to make improvements and a vibrant me was just beginning to make herself known. After a year in a job I had quickly grown to hate I decided to sign up to a business and finance course at college which was going to last three years. I remember my boss at work asking me why I wanted to leave. I replied, ‘I want more from my life,’ and I finally knew I could have it. My first hurdle was to sit an exam gaining the equivalent of 3 A levels, which made up for my missed days at school.

I then spent the next few years doing a variety of courses, including fitness, holistic, BSL sign language, business, and mindset coach and mentoring courses, as well as working as a Personal Trainer in gyms. During this time I had got married, had two beautiful daughters, divorced my husband due to it being a toxic marriage, experienced anxiety again and had major surgery to remove cancer, to name a few of my life experiences.

So it had certainly been a roller coaster of events.

“You can live each day in a world filled with ‘problems’, or rise each morning and embrace a world filled with unseen solutions…eager for you to find them. The decision is yours…both worlds exist. The one you choose is the one you will create.”
By: Michael McMillan

It was at this point that I realised I really wanted to work for myself. So I tested out a few career paths to find out what I could do, what should I do and what I wanted to do. I was looking and searching for my true calling. I hadn’t realised that during the last few years I had already found my calling, as I had been enjoying coaching and mentoring women who wanted to strengthen their mindset and create their dream life and business. I was working with women and I was seeing and hearing back feedback of great result due to working with me.
Then one day while feeling disillusioned I decided to use the strategies and techniques I had learned, developed and used in my coaching and mentoring sessions while working with women over the years on myself.

During the process, I accomplished major breakthroughs I had been looking for in my life. I cleared and erased all negative and limiting beliefs from my life, developed new stronger self-worth and leveraged my power of intention which then helped me to create the life and business of my dreams. This then led me have the confidence and know how to hire my first business coach as no one is an island, as I learnt that reaching out for help is a sign of strength not weakness.

You also can experience life changing circumstances that lead to you having and experiencing your dream life. So is this your time to smash through your limiting mindset blocks and up-level your life and business? If you want to find out, book your free clarity call here

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears”.
By: Nelson Mandela

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