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Here’s What the Belief System of the Wealthy Actually Looks Like

Those people that find wealth don’t look and think about things in the same manner as other people do. How often have you heard someone say something like ‘the wealthy are greedy or the wealthy are crooked?’ These references are not at all true, but I can see how some of us have come to that conclusion. Maybe we have had a bad experience with a wealthy person. Maybe we saw in a move how they protruded the  wealthy and we said to ourselves I don’t want to end up like that and be hated my many. those of us that are not wealthy tend to make crazy assumptions.

Myself when it came to the matter of wealth used to live and think like someone with two personalities always jumping back and forth on what I thought about wealth. But staying the course of building a wealthy mind first depends of creating a personal confidence within your self then setting out to live it walk it and be it

Let’s look at what the belief system of the wealthy actually looks like.

1. Rich people live below their means. Ironic isn’t it, considering most of us live beyond our means. The rich don’t live below their means because they are perceptive, but rather because they have so much money they can live like a king and still put money away.
2. Rich people teach their children how to get rich. From an early age, rich kids are shown the haves and have-nots. When children understand wealth from an early age they are much more likely to strive towards it.
3. Rich people will find peace of mind in their wealth. Wealthy people know that money can’t solve their problems and they don’t worry about it. Middle class people find money a necessary evil that they must endure and that they are always stressing out over.
4. Rich people continue their education to further their wealth by reading books on doing just that. So while most people are busy reading tabloids and novels, the wealthy are reading books on how to be more successful.
5. Rich people like to surround themselves with people that think just like they do. No they aren’t being snobs although how often have you labelled the wealthy as snobs. The reason the rich don’t want to hang around with the middle class is because of the negative money mentality.
6. Rich people focus their time on earning. Even when things are tight or there is a cash crisis the wealthy will reject the attitude of ‘penny pinching.’ When it comes to money, they are masters at creating the right mental energy.
7. Rich people love the challenge of the uncertainty. In fact, they find comfort in it. It takes guts to take the risks that are necessary to become a millionaire, but risk is something most people are not comfortable with. The middle class is focused on their psychological, emotional and physical comforts but those headed for wealth learn early it’s not easy but they learn to be comfortable while surrounded by uncertainty.
8. Rich people know that you really can have it all and that you don’t have to choose between having an amazing family and being rich. That’s nothing more than an excuse.

So do you have the mentality of the wealthy and are you destined for great things or are you destined for average? The great thing about all I have shared with you today is you have the choice to choose.

To Your Success Rachael Aprill Phillips

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