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Here’s How To Make Lots Of Money In 5 Minutes

  1. Perseverance is better than a degree. Do not give up or your beliefs so readily and quickly.
  2. Hard work will yield greater financial rewards than a 9-5 work style. If you really want to get ahead financially don’t work long hours.
  3. Focus on one subject or area where you can truly make yourself an expert. Avoid spreading yourself to much until you do something really well.
  4. Learning how to persuade others to do what you want is the beginning of a successful career. To do this well you need to learn how to communicate effectively by writing and speaking well. But the greatest learning of persuasion must come first from your life with the mastery of your own actions by the examples you set
  5. Place your energies in providing the best service or the best products possible. Do not focus on how much money you will make. The obsession on making money rarely leads to you actually making a lot of money at all. Money needs to be the happy by product not the principle goal.
  6. Whatever financial success you might have at the outset that success can be multiplied many times over as people observe how you handle your initial success. Humility rather than arrogance leads to far greater financial success.

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