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Growth Hacking 101 – Using Influencer Marketing for Your Blog

Who wouldn’t love to grow and build the influence online? There are many ways written out there that shows and teaches you as a business owner how to build your brand. But what is the right and successful way for you?

Growth hacking’ is a popular buzz word on the web at the moment and for obvious reasons. The idea behind growth hacking is to ‘hack’ or ‘cheat’ the usual growth trajectory of any new blog and thereby get to the point where you’re bringing in thousands of hits a day long before you normally would. Growing a successful blog is a matter of following a set system and as with any system, there are ways to ‘game’ the process and there are shortcuts to be found.

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A great example of this is ‘influencer marketing’. This is one of the most powerful tools available to any blogger which can help you to instantly communicate with a gigantic audience instead of feeling like you’re talking to an empty room for months…

What is Influencer Marketing?

So how does influencer marketing work?

The simple idea here is that you overcome the limitation of not having a huge audience by using someone else’s huge audience.

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A simple way to do this is through a ‘solo ad’. Here, you pay someone to promote you to their mailing list, which could mean reaching thousands of followers. Reaching a worthwhile audience will cost but it is a great way to tap into an already large pool of potential customer and influencers.

You can also focus on other ways to work with influencers – for instance getting them to retweet your messages on Twitter or to publish your post on their highly successful blog (this is called guest blogging). You also should be will to pay for this option as some blogs have taken years to grow and build their influence online and with their audience and that doesn’t come cheap. But if you are wanting to building a successful business and brand online investing in the right strategies for your business will be worth your while

How to ‘Hack’ Influencer Marketing

And guess what? Influencer marketing can be hacked too! In other words, there are ways you can reach the big influencers faster if you know how to go about it…

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One example of this, is to combine influencer marketing with real world networking. In other words, if you can speak to an influencer in the real world, they’ll be far more likely to give you a shoutout. If you take a photo with them, you could even upload it to Instagram and tag you both in it!

Another tip is to aim at the right level of influencer. Don’t go straight for Richard Branson – start small and then work your way up. The ideal influencer to work with is someone who is at a similar level to you but just slightly ahead. That way, you’ll still have something to offer them in return.

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Hope what I’ve share with you here has been helpful in taking your business and brand to the next level. If you loved what you just read, I” love to know your thoughts. You can also come and visit me over on my amazing site fir business tips and education Rachael Academy.

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