Great! Ways To Stand Out On Instagram

Instagram is by far the most popular platform and app for sharing images on the go, not including older sites like Flickr. But even so, Instagram has now found it’s way into many big businesses and all sorts of marketers campaigns. With that said, the following are just a few ways that you can market anything on Instagram.

Post Photos of Your Products Or Inventory

Not sure what to post? Aside from the normal stuff that people always post, you can focus on uploading images of your products, inventory, or other details. You can even post photos of people wearing your clothes or using your product which is an incredible way to improve your overall brand awareness.

Upload Photos Of The Inner-Workings of Your Business Or Your Life

woman in black and white shirt standing near wall with graffiti

Let’s face it, people love to witness a behind the scene’s experience from a business or even individual that they like. Showing off the different aspects of how your business functions, or sharing specific details about your personal life can be a great way to connect with your audience personally. It also gets people talking!

Expose Your Personality

woman in white long sleeve shirt and blue denim jeans wearing black hat

Going off of the previous point, exposing your personality and giving that human touch to your business or brand is without a doubt one of the best ways to improve your authority and drive traffic. It will allow people to better relate to you and what you do and it’s an easy way to create content.

Use Hashtags In The Caption For Every Photo

iPhone 7 and brown case

Just like on Twitter, this platform makes use of hashtags as well. Because of that, you can implement the hashtag for your brand, or relevant hashtags to the subject matter of your photo. Tons of users are searching for these hashtags and it’s an incredible way to create traffic on nearly autopilot.




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