Fashion and Lifestyle Brand RDESIGN Knows A Thing Or Two About Design

We’re so excited and honoured to have as a new vendor on BeginStartup Marketplace RDESIGN a fashion and lifestyle brand all about bringing design into every home and making design more accessible to all. Simone Hannah Phillips Editor In Chef sat down with her as she shared with her what design really means to her and what we should expect to see from her products on BeginStartup.

SIMONE: Thank you so much for taking out the time to sit on our design couch with us this week.

RACHAEL: It’s a pleasure to be here, thank you for having me.

S: Before we get started into the nit and gritty of your brand, first tell us what motivated you to start a new brand and especially at a time where no many people would think about starting one.

R: I know crazy right? Well it wasn’t something I planned to do especially in these uncertain times. But also it has been a dream of mine for the past 2o years. I studied Business and fashion in college – wow around 25 years ago and I was so adamant that I was going to enter the fashion or interior world after college, it wasn’t meant to be.

You know when life catches up with you and you get caught up in it to and you put your dream on hold for a little while, so I thought. Any way to cut the story short I got married at a young age and not long after I had my first child at 19 and 3 more not long after that and that was it.

During lockdown I found myself getting back into my creative energy. I got my sewing machine out and I started making small home accessories for my office and the kids bedroom. I also started drawing designs that had been flowing in my head for many years. To my surprise I hadn’t lost my flow. I was able to come up designs in  less that 20 minutes – and as they say the rest is history.

S: That sounds eventful and scary at the same time. Let touch on what are your inspiration when it comes to your designs and prints?

R: I try and infuse my culture and my journey through life in my designs. I grew up in Nigeria and when I was 3 or 4 my family and I moved to the UK to start a whole life. My mother was quite big over in Nigeria at the time and she felt we would have better opportunities in the UK. So I try and add my life experiences into my designs that I feel represent who am I, and if by doing so am able to bring someone closer into design, creativity and art, then I’ve done a good thing in my eyes.

S: That is beautiful to hear – that it’s not all about the commercial side of things but because you love what you are doing.

R: Of course I would like to make it into a viable business but design is my life and it’s saved me many times when I was feeling low.

S: We’re so hounded that you’ve partnered with us to open your first ever shop with us. We look forwards to showcasing your products and amazing work.

R: Thank you so much for having me, I look forwards to go on my new journey with you and all your audience.

S: Rachael’s new products ‘RACHAELDESIGN’ will be available for purchase within her new store on BeginStartup Marketplace very soon.






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