Easy Ways to Start Developing Your Personal Brand on Social Media

Between Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories and Snapchat, building your personal brand on social media takes a lot of work — but is definitely worth it. The platforms not only allow you to reach a big audience but also a variety of people.  

Before jumping into social media though, it’s important to have a good-looking website with excellent pictures and a well-written bio. From there, start producing relevant and engaging content — that is easily shareable across the social media platforms, according to this video by 7Twelve Marketing.

Creating videos that you can later turn into blog posts is a great way to start — and you don’t need a fancy camera or equipment to do it, a smartphone and some good lighting is all you really need. Use Facebook to promote your videos and blog posts, and link them back to your website.  

Instagram posts should be short and to-the-point — keep in mind that the content you publish to Instagram should not be the same as Facebook. Use popular hashtags to make your posts more searchable.

Lastly, when it comes to Snapchat and Instagram Stories, use these channels as a way to show day-to-day activities and talk to your audience. They’re great outlets for accessibility between you and your audience. 

To learn more about building your personal brand, click play. 

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