Don’t Let The Fear Of Making The Wrong Choices In Life Stop You From Actually Living A Happy Life

Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain… To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices – today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it. ~ Kevyn Aucoin ~

Life is like a road. There are long and short roads; smooth and rocky roads; crooked and straight paths. In our life many roads would come our way as we journey through life. There are roads that lead to a life of single blessedness, marriage, and religious vocation. There are also roads that lead to fame and fortune on one hand, or isolation and poverty on the other. There are roads to happiness as there are roads to sadness, roads towards victory and jubilation, and roads leading to defeat and disappointment.

Just like any road, there are corners, detours, and crossroads in life. Perhaps the most perplexing road that you would encounter is a crossroad. With four roads to choose from and with limited knowledge on where they would go, which road will you take? What is the guarantee that we would choose the right one along the way? Would you take any road, or just stay where you are: in front of a crossroad?

There Are No Guarantees.

You do not really know where a road will lead you until you take it. There are no guarantees. This is one of the most important things you need to realise about life. Nobody said that choosing to do the right thing all the time would always lead you to happiness. Loving someone with all your heart does not guarantee that it would be returned. Gaining fame and fortune does not guarantee happiness. Accepting a good word from an influential superior to cut your trip short up the career ladder is not always bad, especially if you are highly qualified and competent. There are too many possible outcomes, which you really cannot control. The only thing you have power over is the decisions that you will make, and how you would act and react to different situations.

Wrong Decisions Are Always At Hindsight.

Had you known that you were making a wrong decision, would you have gone along with it? Perhaps not, why would you choose a certain path when you know it would get you lost? Why make a certain decision if you knew from the very beginning that it is not the right one for you? It’s only after you have made a decision and reflected on it that you realise its soundness. If the consequences or outcomes are good for you, then you have decided correctly. Otherwise, your decision was wrong.

Life is all about using the roads wrong or right we go down as our future maps for where we are going. We now know from experience and bad choices not to go down that road again. So there is no failure just lessons along the way and learning how to manage our choices.

Take The Risk: Decide.

Since life offers no guarantees and you would never know that your decision would be wrong until you have made it, then you might as well take the risk and decide. It’s definitely better than keeping yourself in limbo. It’s better that you are moving forward instead of being in a state of standstill. Although it’s true that one wrong turn could get you lost, it could also be that such a turn could be an opportunity for an adventure, moreover it could open more roads. It’s all a matter of your perspective. You have the choice between being a lost traveller or an accidental tourist of life. But take caution that you do not make decisions haphazardly. Taking risks is not about being careless and stupid.

Here are some pointers that could help you choose the best option in the face of life’s crossroads:-

1. Get As Many Information As You Can About Your Situation.

You cannot find the confidence to decide when you know so little about what you are faced with. Just like any news reporter, ask the 5 W’s: what, who, when, where,and why. What is the situation? Who are the people involved? When did this happen? Where is this leading? Why are you in this situation? These are just some of the possible questions to ask to know more about your situation. This is important. Oftentimes, the reason for indecision is the lack of information about a situation.

2. Identify And Create Options.

What options do the situation give you? Sometimes the options are few, but sometimes they are numerous. But what do you do when you think that the situation offers no options? This is the time that you create your own. Make your creative mind work. From the most simplistic to the most complicated, entertain all ideas. Do not shoot anything down when an idea comes to your head. Sometimes the most outrageous idea could prove to be the right one in the end. You can ask a friend to help you identify options and even make more options if you encounter some difficulty, but make sure that you make the decision yourself in the end.

As I wrote in my book that I co-published with my husband The Art Of Successful Living. In our chapter 10,000 solutions, we wrote, “to every one problem there are 10,000 solutions“. This is dependant on how you choose to view your problem and situation. I can tell you stories of so many times when I found myself in a jam and just because I took out the time to follow step one above 5W’s options were always created.

Build a bridge of options when you come to the crossroad of difficulties and problems in life with your creative mind. ~Rachael Aprill Phillips

3. Weigh The Pros And Cons Of Every Option.

Assess each option by looking at the advantages and disadvantages it offers you. In this way, you get more insights about the consequences of such an option. You’ll feel so much stress free when you put yourself as the judge over your choices in your life instead of giving that power away to somebody else.

4. Trust Yourself And Make That Decision.

Now that you have assessed your options, it’s now time to trust yourself. Remember that there are no guarantees and wrong decisions are always at hindsight. So choose… decide… believe that you are choosing the best option at this point in time.

Now that you have made a decision, be ready to face its consequences: good and bad. It may take you to a place of promise or to a land of problems. But the important thing is that you have chosen to live your life instead of remaining a bystander or a passive audience to your own life. Whether the right decision or not, only time can tell. But do not regret it whatever the outcome. Instead, learn from it and remember that you always have the chance to make better decisions in the future now you know where you are going.

Life is an Elite University and we all get the chance to get a master degree in it for free. And we get to come out with distinctions and awards, a pretty good trade off if you ask me, only if you are willing to enter and enrol.

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Much Love and To Your Success and happiness XO.

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