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“Do You Feel The Fear? Do It Anyway”

As we come to the close of another year and we get ready to slow it down for Christmas. Today is my last day online and in the office. I thought I will share with you all one more last thought before I settle down to start baking cakes and cookies with my children even though they are to old for it..

It’s the season it brings it out of you, your childlike nature no matter what age you are.

I thought I would share with you my first article I wrote and posted on LinkedIn in December 2014 as I entered a new year then and I hope it gives you the courage and motivation that you need to make the coming year a inspiring, happy, creative and fun year.

‘So let me take this time to Wish You All A Very Merry Christmas.

Thank you so much for being part of my world online it has been fun!’

Whatever the fear “Feel the fear and do it anyway”

The New Year is nearly upon us and with whatever new challenges it will bring for us. I know for me when I started my Social Media Consultancy it was a daunting and challenging one but a challenge I knew that I had to take.

What is the Fear for you?

Making decisions

Public speaking

Changing jobs

Starting a new Business

Asserting yourself



Losing a loved one

Maybe you could add some more to the list. Fear seems to be a major factor in stopping us from doing what we love or doing what we know to do for the better of ourselves. We fear changing, we fear staying stuck, we fear success, and we fear failure.

Whatever the fear “Feel the fear and do it anyway”

I learnt that fear in most cases, people and situation has nothing to do with our psychological mind but in most cases is about us re-educating our mind to accept fear as a simple fact of life rather than a barrier to success.

When I realised that this was the case I moved forward with plans that I had set aside due to the inner voices of fear and began to work through my plans. Even though the feeling of fear did not instantly leave I was able to do the tasks that were set before me never the less after gaining the understanding that fear was part of everyone’s everyday life.

So with this in mind step, into 2017 knowing that you can achieve whatever you have set out to achieve and whatever you set your mind to no matter the feeling of fear know that fear is part of everyone’s everyday life so GO FOR IT! Success is your destination.

Merry Christmas to you all XXDX

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