Decoding The Power Of Positive Attitude

We can develop a positive attitude if we are willing to have positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts.

Oh, how we love to critique, it is so easy to be negative, judgemental and finding fault with everything, whining, expression our opinion, even when not asked for it. it is so easy and we all do it. This habitual pattern is so ingrained in us as a learned behaviour that it will take serious, active, deliberate effort to deal and cope with it in a planned, successful manner.

Blame and finger-pointing are next, that is how we opt not to really deal with the real issues of our negative thinking, the high road and actually living up to our expectations is too much hard work, so we continue in mediocrity and negativity.

Excuses and whining are other defence mechanisms that we put up to undermine our own efforts and trip up our progress on the positive attitude forming
and lifestyle fronts. Self-defeating behaviours and setting ourselves up for failure without even trying (very hard at that) all follow. We indulge and feast on our own negativity and then wonder why things go so horribly wrong.

“I found myself falling into these patterns a while back when a series of circumstance were not working out my way”.

If we do not control and focus our minds, thoughts, energies and mental patterns in a more positive way, towards optimistic processes and outcomes, we will continue to repeat unhealthy thought patterns.

A ‘genius’ solution short and sweet, best word of advice that was given to me: STOP!

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