Creating an online Business for Housewife’s: Part 1


Hi there lovelies I’m back and I know before you shut me down, I know this is 2017 and women and society is moved on so far that really do we still have housewives. Let me explain, this was the title of a small how to guide about affiliate marketing and business that if you are a stay at home mother can do from the comfort of your home. So I thought that I would revisit it and share with you what I wrote in my small guide to get you thinking on ways to generate income from home.


I do get a lot of clients who happen to be women ask me what kind of business could they do working from home while they look after their young family. A lot of them are shocked to find out that they have quite a few options and choices to choose from.

 Before starting my business consultancy business and going full-time into things. I spent many days and night working on some great home-based business and some of them I still d to this day because they are still a great source of income for me.

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