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Rachael Aprill Phillips

How Do You Track Your Progress When You’re Working Toward A Goal?

Are you struggling to get down to setting a goal? There are so many thing going on at the present moment in life and around us that it is understandable why you might be having difficulties to set any kind of goal for your business and life.

The art and secret of setting goals I’ve come to understand – is no matter what happens outside of you, as long as you find, make clear and understand what is happening inside of you – your goals will be intact and you will be on your way to achieving them.

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Many of us have goals and dreams that sound impossible and that other people will perhaps tell us can’t be done. Sometimes, those goals are so preposterous that we don’t tell anyone at all – and in some cases we’ll hardly even admit those goals to ourselves!

For example, if you have always dreamed of being a film star, then there’s a good chance that on some level you don’t think it’s going to happen and so you won’t actually pursue it with the vigour that you should pursue it. Likewise, if you always dreamed of being an astronaut, then you probably know it can’t be done and so won’t even try.

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Except that this is entirely the wrong attitude. Rather, you should be working toward your goals but simply taking a different approach to make them possible. Because anything is truly possible, as long as you know how to think outside the box…

To demonstrate this, let’s take a look at some highly unlikely goals and see how you could realistically go about making them happen…

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Recording Artist

Want to be a pop star or a guitarist? Then how about starting your own music channel on YouTube? Perform your songs and build a following and then you could eventually start charging for your full albums through Band Camp and similar sites. It’s probably only a matter of time until someone offers to give you a recording contract once you have the numbers behind you!

Bestselling Author

These days you don’t need to find a big publisher to become a bestselling author. Of course, that is one route to the top but another option is just to write your own book and publish it yourself.

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This is possible today thanks to sites like Lulu. Lulu is a website that allows you to use ‘POD’ publishing, which in turn stands for ‘Print On Demand’. This means that you can create a book and only pay for the printing costs each time someone orders one of them. That means that you don’t have to order a huge number of books and then try to sell them – instead, you can simply start selling right away and you’ll just lose a fraction of the cover price each time you do. That also means you’re not splitting your profits with a publisher!

Of course, the downside is that you’ll have to do all of your own marketing and editing. But if you can do that, then you’re good to go!

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Always wanted to visit space? Then one way you can do that is to sign up for Virgin Galactic. That will give you a chance to visit space, without needing any training!

Now of course there is the chance that it will never happen, and it’s a lot of money too – you might just have to start saving. But the point is that as soon as you start working toward the goal you always dreamed of, life becomes a whole lot more exciting!


Rachael Aprill Phillips

How To Get Started Branding Your New Creative Business With Pinterest

Congratulations you’re ready to get started with your newly launched business. Where now to start in showcasing it to the world? There are many platforms, tools, apps and software you can get started with, but you want to keep this process as simple as possible when starting out. Social media … read more

Rachael Aprill Phillips

What Is The *Highest* Discount You’re Prepared To Offer?

However, as effective as they are, discounts can be a double-edged sword. While slashing prices certainly attracts customers, executing discounts the wrong way could end up killing your profits or enticing the wrong types of shoppers (i.e. those who’ll only buy from you when you lower your prices.)

That’s why if you’re looking to run sales or discounts at your store, it’s important to plan your promotions well and craft thoughtful offers to meet your objectives. Here are some tips to help you get started when thinking of slashing your prices. read more

Rachael Aprill Phillips

51 Great Ways To Create A Beautiful Great Home Office

More and more people these days have home offices, but it can be hard to separate the “home” from the “office.” This post is designed to help you make a wonderful home office that will be efficient, appealing, and comfortable. read more

Rachael Aprill Phillips

How To Expand Your Home Based Craft Business With The Internet

Are you an individual who operates a successful home-based craft business? If so, you know the challenges of finding and maintaining a solid customer base. If you haven’t considered the Internet, now is the time. With the multitude of possibilities available online, you can take your business to a new level.
The first thing you should do is set up your own web site, sort of like opening a home based craft business online store. You can easily upload digital images and set your prices. Then, people can purchase directly from your site. All you have to do is fill the orders and ship them. Optionally, your website could simply show sample products. You could take orders from people and fill them on an as-needed basis. 

read more

Rachael Aprill Phillips

Which Marketing Channel is Your Best Source of Customers?

You’re ready to start getting your product and business out there! You’ve done all the hard leg work to get your business to this point. Now what next? Many business owners fail at this point. Not knowing which marketing strategy to use when it comes to marketing their product and brand online. Here are a few things to think about before you get started looking for the right platform and method to use. read more

Rachael Aprill Phillips

Launch of Our New Brand RDESIGN. Doors Now Open!

Coming soon RDESIGNS by Rachael  Aprill Phillips founder of Rachael Academy Rachael Aprill Phillips is no newbie when it comes to building online business. She is the goto Woman when it comes to building your business online. She was named top marketing expert by Huffington post in 2017. She has … read more

Rachael Aprill Phillips

How To Get Cheap Link Building For Your New Startup Business

Cheap Link Building is pretty easy to come by.

However, what you are basically sacrificing instead of money, is your time. But there are several ways to go about building links without spending a dime. They key for any of them to be effective is to have worthwhile content on your website or blog. Even if you can get people to visit your site through some SEO tactics, they will not stay, or return, if you are not offering something that is valuable to them. read more


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