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    Top Home Based Business

    In this article, we are going to look at a few of the top home-based business opportunities that are available for those interested in becoming entrepreneurs. You may be surprised at what is available or you may gain new ideas from the other businesses that are in operation today. Remember that with all forms of […] More

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    7 Reasons Why Divorce Is the Perfect Excuse to Become an Entrepreneur

    Three years ago almost to the day, I returned to work after being a stay-at-home wife and mother for more than a decade. My marriage had abruptly ended about a year earlier, even though looking back I realized our relationship had begun unraveling long before that. Newly separated at 39, I suddenly faced the daunting […] More

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    How to Be Radically Authentic and Align With Your True Purpose

    I’ve realized, over time, that authenticity is the first step to true spirituality. Not only that but a key ingredient to true success in life. Why? Because we are only truly successful when we are doing something we LOVE, something we are truly aligned with. A truer purpose perhaps, and one that reflects your deepest […] More

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    How to Master Sleep so You Can Conquer the Day

    Sleep is one of the big things as an entrepreneur you come to realise that you don’ get enough off, can you relate? You might even be in a stressful role at work and you find that you’re not sleeping as well as you should and find yourself with a lack of energy in the […] More

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    How To Beat The Bad Day Blues When Things Are Just Not Going Your Way

    We all have bad days and I’m sure some of us would say that it seems we have more of the bad days than more of the good. If you are alive and breathing right now while your reading this article then your signed up for the school of great knocks. Life just has a […] More

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    How To Manage Your Online Business More Efficiently

    After being in business for 13 years running and managing with my beautiful team my online businesses successful Rachael Academy Fresh Viral News Begin Startup I’ve come to realise that efficiency has played a huge part in us being able to grow our business from strength to strength. If you are in business right now and […] More

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    The Simple Truth About Getting Whatever You Want In Life

      Have you ever wondered why your life doesn’t look like what you dreamed it would when you were 3 years old? Sure, maybe you’ve made some money, and accomplished a couple of things in life, but are you truly everything you wanted to be? I mean, truly? Related: Why You Should Pursue Your Dream Even If Nobody […] More

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    Your New Business Name Should Be Memorable, Spell-able and Available

    During the crazy journey of launching a business, no decision is more agonizing than finding the right business name. In most cases, business owners have a firm grasp of the brand message they want to convey. However, trying to distill that message into a memorable, easy to say and easy to spell name is no easy […] More

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    Business Lessons I Learned From Going Shopping With My Girls

    Normally over on my website, blog and regular monthly newsletter I dispense highly-intelligent small business advice in response to thought provoking questions submitted by future and fellow entrepreneurs. This time, however, I have a couple of questions for myself, one of which makes me wonder how truly intelligent I really am. QUESTION: Dear Me, I recently took […] More

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    How to Choose The Right Goals to Focus On In 2018

    Every person in the world devotes countless hours to thinking of their future and their present situation in life. Almost everyone wishes that there was something that they could change in their life. Whether it is our family life; our friendships; relationships or finances, everyone wants to change something. I’ve come to understand and learn […] More

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    50 Most Beautiful Nordic-Style Workspaces

    As some of you might already know that we completed on our new offices and studio 5 months ago and we are now beginning work to hopefully get it ready for valentines Day. No not because we are planning a dating night or nothing, just a date in mind so we can focus and work […] More

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    How To Add Meditation To Your Lifestyle No Matter The Cost

    One of President Trump’s chief campaign promises was an oath to repeal the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. This has proven to be a greater struggle than the President perhaps anticipated, and this struggle has re-opened the wider debate over healthcare in our country. One of the central themes in the healthcare debate is the […] More

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    No Time to Market? You Only Need 15 Minutes a Day.

    Over just the last month I’ve connected with three entrepreneurs who told me they rarely did any marketing for themselves or their small business. I was really surprised. One is a freelance writer, another owns a PR agency and the third runs a software firm. Each is successful but all of them cited a lack […] More

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    How To Live A Purposeful Action Driven Life

    living an action-oriented life, this should matter to you more than actually reaching your goal of becoming a millionaire.~Rachael Aprill Phillips~ Most of the people who make lethal mistakes in their lives do so because they confuse themselves between two very important aspects that govern their lives – their purposes and their aspirations. Since we […] More

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    When Opportunity Knocks Will You Open The Door And Let It In?

    Opportunities happen in our life time, but for some of us we think not. What I’ve come to understand about opportunities is this, It only becomes an opportunity when you stop to see it as such, unless it becomes lost in the mondain of this life and passes you by. Occasionally what initially surfaces in […] More

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    10 Awesome! Strategies I’ve Used To Enhance My Business And Increase My Profits In 2017

    There are many things we as business owners can do in order to enhance our business and increase our profits. If we aren’t doing everything we possibly can to make the most out of our businesses, then we are leaving money on the table, right? It’s not rocket science and it certainly isn’t difficult to understand. […] More

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    How Not To Let Your Dreams Of Success Overwhelm You

    An interesting concept that reading Robert Holden, particularly in his book ‘Success Intelligence’ drove home to me is that ‘it’s imperative to define success for yourself in order to know when you’ve achieved it’. Otherwise you may find yourself aimlessly running on the tread mill which life can become, seeking to arrive at the destination of success, […] More

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    It’s Time You Stopped! And Created A Healthy Work And Life Balance Before You Burn Out

    Hi there lovely hope my latest post finds you well? Honestly I’ve missed you. Not sure if you’ve noticed or not, well I didn’t tell anyone or make any big announcements about it but I decided 6 weeks ago to stop and drop everything and take a 8 week sabbatical from work, social media and […] More

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    How To Stay Motivated 365 Days Of The Year: 365 Daily Motivational Tips To Get You Fired Up

    Living our daily lives can be as easy as taking in a breath of air or as hard as climbing a mountain’s summit. There are things that can bring us down and lift us up. Even our own family can fill us up with anger or enlighten us with joy and happiness. Regardless of what […] More

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    How To Become A Badass Woman In Business

    There’s a quote by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich that states: “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” It’s a often posted on Pinterest boards and slapped onto cards with women in 1920s-fashion kicking up their heels in unison. But for me, this sentiment is more than encouragement to go on a girls trip and go wild; it’s a […] More

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    Unleashing Your Creative Thinking To Bring About A New Zest For Living Life

    People seem to have the misconception that only a select few are able to unleash a steady flow of creative genius. That is not true at all. The fact is, creativity is very much like a muscle that needs to be exercised in order to consistently give out great results. If you don’t practice harnessing […] More

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    The Time I Ran Out Of Money In My Business And Life And What I Did About It

    When running your own business and solely relying on you, can be sometimes stressful. About 18 months ago we realised that we were coming to the place where we would be running out of money in my business and for our daily expenses and I quickly needed to make a decision on what I was […] More

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    Let’s Get Organised! Easy and Simple Strategies to Getting (and Staying) Organised

    “You can find pictures anywhere. It is simply a matter of noticing things and organising them. You just have to care about what is around you and have a concern with humanity and the human comedy.”-Elliott Erwitt How we spend out time says a lot about who we are. If you are simply too tired […] More

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    You’re Not A Failure Just A Work In Progress On An Adventure On The Hero’s Journey

    Unfortunately, it has become all too easy for us to stay in our comfort zones thanks to the ready availability of… everything. Too often, the greatest challenge we will face on a daily basis is completing an assignment for work. The newest discovery we will make is often taking a different route home from work […] More

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    Work Full Time And Create Your Side Hustle Part-time Here’s How To Do It Successfully

    Okay I’m sure you’ve heard of the Side hustle two step? Yes, Okay probably not as I just made it up myself. But really what if there was a way to grantee you a steady and descent income that paid? Well our good friends at JS Jungle Scout  have come up with 1038 ways you can […] More

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    How To Create Opportunities In A World Where You Don’t Know Anyone

      Do you want to be at the right place at the right time? Adopt these habits to make sure opportunity comes knocking. Everyone hears about that person who is “in the right place at the right time.” Maybe you know someone who seems to be that person all of the time. We have those friends […] More

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