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    When Opportunity Knocks Will You Open The Door And Let It In?

    Opportunities happen in our life time, but for some of us we think not. What I’ve come to understand about opportunities is this, It only becomes an opportunity when you stop to see it as such, unless it becomes lost in the mondain of this life and passes you by. Occasionally what initially surfaces in […] More

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    How Not To Let Your Dreams Of Success Overwhelm You

    An interesting concept that reading Robert Holden, particularly in his book ‘Success Intelligence’ drove home to me is that ‘it’s imperative to define success for yourself in order to know when you’ve achieved it’. Otherwise you may find yourself aimlessly running on the tread mill which life can become, seeking to arrive at the destination of success, […] More

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    Lets Talk Dirty Website Development-A look into the world of website platform builders

      Websites are the building blocks of the Internet. But while you might have been tempted to make one for a while, you may have been wondering how to get one live.  Thankfully, the basic setup process is straightforward. Even with absolutely no knowledge of code you can set one up, and initial costs could […] More