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    How To Add Meditation To Your Lifestyle No Matter The Cost

    One of President Trump’s chief campaign promises was an oath to repeal the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. This has proven to be a greater struggle than the President perhaps anticipated, and this struggle has re-opened the wider debate over healthcare in our country. One of the central themes in the healthcare debate is the […] More

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    Why Is Searching for Meaningful Work Important?

    Since most of your time is spent at work, travelling from and to work or just thinking about work, this inevitably plays a big role in your life. If you are not satisfied and you are feeling bored with what you do, this can take a serious toll on your mental and physical health if […] More

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    Women Make Better Business Decisions Than Men

    Women make better business decisions than men: Companies with female directors perform better and cut risk of bankruptcy says the study published International Journal of Business. “Now I assure you being a woman as you can see that the safest place to be on this one is on the fence. Women make better business decisions […] More

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    15 Steps On How To Welcome Your New Employees

    Have you lost potentially good employees because they have failed to understand and failed to fit into your workplace. The difference between a new employee being a success or failure is often down to how he or she is welcomed in the first few days and weeks. Here are 15 tips on how to welcome […] More

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    The Boy Who Became A Meme And Raises Thousands

    A chubby-cheeked little boy whose serious expression turned him into a meme could end up educating an entire village. Jake has become one of the most famous schoolchildren in South Africa since people began sharing a picture of him, joking he was everything from a grumpy driving instructor to an unimpressed security guard. But Jake […] More