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    How To Grow The Perfect Beard For Your Face

    Beards have gone in and out of style for centuries. The current trendiness of beards has been around for a few years but doesn’t show any sign of going away anytime soon. With the facial hair care industry exploding, there’s no denying that a healthy-looking, properly-groomed beard looks cool. However, if you don’t invest some time […] More

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    How to Make Homemade Soap

    We all use soap. In the old days, most people made their own. Today, we are much more likely to buy it from the store. There are lots of brands to choose from, and each brand has various formulations and scents. But making your own soap has some definite advantages. One of the most significant […] More

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    Makeup Expiration Dates: Do I Actually Need To Pay Attention To Them?

    Makeup expiration dates are: Just a formality, like those mattress tags you aren’t supposed to remove (but do anyway) A conspiracy designed by the beauty industry to trick you into buying new cosmetics Designed to protect you from bacteria and other nasty things that can grow in an open container Guidelines really, just like the date […] More

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    5 Steps for Creating Glowing Skin

    Glowing skin can turn heads on any red carpet or in any room. This flawless look is meant to appear natural, but chances are it’s the result of a cosmetics slight-of-hand. We tapped makeup artist Scott Barnes, who put Jennifer Lopez’s enviable radiant complexion on the map, for his five steps to luminous beauty. Even […] More

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    10 Amazing Beauty Products to Try by 2018

    Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette Flip open this triangle-shaped palette to reveal four holographic pastels shades—green, blue, purple, and pink. Each is iridescent and multi-dimensional, and packs a punch of color even with just one coat, thanks to pigments that have a special refractive coating. Think beyond lids; these look stunning layered over lipstick, on […] More

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    How to Become a Beauty Influencer

    Valerie Star is a celebrity beauty expert and the beauty director at Caravan Stylist Studio. With almost 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, specializing in makeup artistry, hair styling and nail artistry, Star has become a highly sought after beauty ambassador, educator and speaker for a range of beauty brands and publications. Star has had […] More

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    20 Beauty Hacks That Will Change the Way You Apply Makeup

    The only thing that gets us more excited than good makeup is finding awesome tips to use said makeup. Whether it’s figuring out that hairspray can work as setting spray or that you should be applying lipstick with a concealer brush, makeup tips are more than just fun—they’re also incredibly helpful. We’ve put together 20 amazing makeup tips that will totally […] More

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    Brighten Your Visage With The Season’s Electrifying New Makeup Trend

    If you’re currently in the mood to light up your visage with the season’s electric makeup trend, you’ll be pleased to know that fluorescent hues are now en vogue. As electric blues, greens and violets return for Spring/Summer 2017, beauty addicts can expect to swap their neutral makeup for bold and brightening looks.   Related […] More

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    Rainbow Makeup Looks Just In Time For Your Christmas Party

    With June marking Pride Month, it’s officially time to step out with your brilliant multicoloured makeup. Whether you’re a fan of rainbow eyeshadow or vivid liner, there’s nothing quite like an inspired beauty look to capture the party spirit in the air. As makeup lovers prepare to ring Pride in style, there are sure to […] More

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    The Newest Makeup Trend That Will Make You See Is Watermelons

    While the rising temperatures of summertime have left many of us craving a slice of watermelon, it looks like this seasonal fruit has inspired a breaking beauty trend. Watermelon eye makeup is officially making a splash just as pool and beach season approaches. With summer parties on the agenda, watermelon inspired eyes could be a […] More

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    Would Like To Find Out How To Wear Pom-Pom Makeup?

    Although pom-poms are well-known as essentials in the world of crafts, these artsy supplies aren’t just for the creative kindergartener anymore. Taking a leap from the classroom to the vanity, pom-poms have now inspired the latest makeup trend. Quickly making waves on Instagram, pom-pom makeup features boldly adorned eyelids. Decorated with none other than the […] More

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    Tone Your Abs With These 5 Easy Moves

    Summer is synonymous with trips to the beach and lounging by the pool. However, for many women wearing a bikini, the season of exposed skin and rising temperatures can be daunting and sometimes uncomfortable. While we can agree confidence comes from within, there is nothing wrong with wanting to tone your body for summer. With […] More

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    How To Wear Monochromatic Makeup Like A Beauty Pro

    Related post Fresh Viral News   Lately, the trend of monochromatic makeup has been stealing the scene, with a single colour setting the stage for an entire canvas. From vibrant pinks to peachy oranges, monochrome tones are now washing beautifully painted visages in colour. While it’s easy enough to overdo this trend, we would recommend […] More