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Action Driven Living Tapping Into The Fundamental Principles Behind How To Live Your Dreams

I tell myself dreams can come true every morning when I wake to see another day. Because I awoke to see another blue sky then dreams can and must certainly come true. “What dreams are you dreaming about? Are you still dreaming? Or have you given up? Have you lost your spark along life’s journeys“.

The whole world can be divided into two types of people. Now we are speaking of the achievers here, but with achievement we don‟t refer to those who have become multimillionaires or beyond! We are speaking about ordinary people who achieve the usual things in life. Such people can be divided into two groups, those who carry on in a purposeful-driven manner and those who carry on in an action-driven manner. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter which side of the fence your on both of these paths will lead to success.

When you are living in a purpose-driven manner, you’ve have learnt to streamline your life so that you can achieve a specific purpose(s) in life. You set your goals and these goals become the be-and-end of your life. All your efforts are dedicated toward achieving these goals. You might want to do that in the short term or in the long term, but most of the efforts in your life are targeted at attaining those objectives.

People who live an action oriented life do things in a different manner. They do set goals as well, but for them it’s not the product but the process that’s more important. They plan their processes for the sake of carrying out their processes. They are quite dedicated in what they do. Though it will make them quite happy to achieve what they are looking for, it’s the journey that interests them more than the destination.

For example, if your purpose in life is to become a millionaire, or a renowned chef or a musician and everything that you do and plan is toward achieving that goal, you are living a purpose-driven life. For you, it does’t matter what you do to reach there. Your activities in life are just a means to the end. But, if you are action-driven, what you do to become a millionaire, a chef or musician will really matter to you. You will be completely engrossed in the things you pursue to reach the goal. You might learn something to reach there. You might start a business. You might network with people. When you are living an action-oriented life, these things matter to you more than actually reaching your goal.

So now you want to begin in making your dreams a reality and come true, so what are the steps needed for you to accomplish them. Let’s take a look at some of them

Taking Action In Our Minds Is Much More Powerful Than Physical Movement

“It is quite erroneous to assume that action is only what we do physically”.

Action in the personal development world, hey in life in general has gotten a bad wrap. People have a very wrong notion about action. The word action has got a very Hollywood-esque meaning for most people. For them, action needs to be physical. So if you say someone is performing some action, it usually means that that person is doing something with their hands or feet. The sad part about this is that people don’t take their minds into account. What we really need to remember here is that a lot of our actions first starts in our minds. And a lot of it ends in the mind as well.

“Yes, thinking is as good an action as any”.

Your thinking can come in various ways. Your planning, for example, is an action-oriented activity. I have to plan a project quite often and let me tell you after 3 hours of mental concentration I’m ready to curl up in bed and nod of to ZZZ land.

When we are thinking. We are using the channels of our brain. This is serious work!

So, with anything that you take up, you aren’t beginning to work only when you start it physically. It begins right when you start thinking about it. Nowadays, we speak a lot about the power of thought, about how thought can make things happen. If you think about something hard, you are predisposing yourself into doing things that way. For example, if you think highly optimistically about buying a new car, you are very likely to do things that take you towards buy a new car.

This is how thoughts work and brings results. That is why thoughts are a very integral part of your whole life. We do most things from the way we think. If that isn’t action, then what is?

It is quite right to say that action needn’t be physical all the time. It’s manifested in various other ways, and a very significant manifestation of your dreams become you reality hugely depends on the way you think.

So begin planning for what you want to achieve. This is really where your action-driven life makes a start.

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