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It’s Time To Runaway And Create A World Where Your Dreams Come Alive!

I was so inspired by this two superstars that It really motivated me to write this article. My aim in writing this is to cause those of you out there who are really longing to fulfill a long time dream of starting your own business. Now when I say business it might not seem that important or might not cause you to leap up from your chair in excitement and do a cartwheel.


But deep down inside there is a burning and longing desire to quit everything and just go for it. I know how you feel trust me…..I do


That was me 13 years ago and still is to this very day pushing all the boat out to make my dream life a reality. So going back to what motivated me to write my latest post.

Meet Jeff & Kalisa who were a New York couple who left the 9-5 city grind to pursue their passion for food, culture and travel. Together, they launched The Runaway Jamaica, a community-oriented luxury bed & breakfast. Since becoming the first and only successfully funded B&B on Kickstarter, they have recently expanded to new destinations around the world.


Just take a look at their instagram account and you will understand me when I say it left me in a dream state, running into my room, getting out my travel suitcase and planning a family holiday right on the spot.



So How can you come to that place in your life where you have the strength and determination to say F_ _ _K this NO MORE SH_ _ _Y life. It’s now or never, I’m going for my dreams.


Let me let you in on a little secret of mine just  this week I had to say F_ _ _K no more waiting for the right time and season to move it up a level within my business, it’s do or die…. and you know what It sure feels great to just throw it out there.


Podcast Episode 8: Interview: Food, Cooking, & Entrepreneurship w/ Jeff & Kalisa


There was study in the UK that is conducted to 1,000 people. Those people had previously been surveyed and divided into two groups: one group of people who are very lucky and the other group consisted of people who are very disadvantaged. Then, everyone was asked to buy a lottery ticket. From 700 participants in the lottery, here is the following result: 36 people win and half of them come from the lucky group while the other 18 people were from very unlucky group.
From the 36 people, there are two individuals who managed to guess 4 numbers correctly, one of them come from the very lucky group, while the other is from very unlucky group. This survey proved that lucky or not lucky depends on the right and wrong belief. From this moment if there come negative thoughts in our brain, we must immediately say “cancel” or “nonsense” and then proceed with positive beliefs or words. Using affirmation Affirmations are one sentence with strong emotions and you start to believe it. It can also be combined with moves such as “My day is getting stronger” while stiffen your muscles.


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Examples of affirmations:

1. No matter what happens, I am getting stronger and stronger.

2. All that I need to succeed is already in me.

3. Every day I grow a healthy, wealthy and happy. Repeat your affirmations every morning coupled with movement.


So here’s what I’m learning that is working for me.


Set Clear and Steady Objectives

Activities are not the same as the productivity. In life, people often don’t realize whether they are doing an activity or productivity. We often get stuck in the activity without making any productivity because we did not define a clear purpose in our lives.


The principle in determining objectives:


1. It should be positive words

2. Specific

3. Written Goals Should be Formulated Positively Purpose or goal should be formulated in positive words because our subconscious mind don’t recognize the word “no”. What happened when a person has a purpose in the negative words, such as “I do not want to be poor and do not want to fail”?


The person will actually become poor and failed. Examples of positive words in setting goals:


1. Joyfully and happily, I (write your name) already have income (daily amount) per month, since the date of (write the date you want).

2. Joyfully and pleasure and tremendous spirit, I’ve moved into my new house with an area of (write area you want) at (write your desired location) since (write the date you want). Goals Should be Specific When you do not want to say “tomorrow I wake up at 5 am” and it turns out that the next morning you wake up on time according to your wishes. It can happen because during sleep our subconscious mind keeps working. Our subconscious always pursues the goal and won’t deny a specific, clear and steady purpose.


Example: At a seminar, a speaker asked all students who participated in the seminar on “Who wants to be richer than now? Step forward”. And dozens of people came forward, then the speaker gives each student as much as $ 1. In the above example the subconscious mind needs clear and specific objectives. $ 1 increase also can be said richer. Goals Should be Written Objectives must be written with pen and on paper. Unknowingly we’ve activated Reticular Active System (RAS) in our brains. RAS is like a missile that serves the pursuit of objectives and to correct our steps if we get in to the wrong directions.


Given that money is actually not the final goal but a means to achieve other goals, we must be clear in determining what the money will be used for.


Examples of what can be achieved if we have money:

1. Flexibility to have the things we want both consumptive things such as houses, cars, televisions, furniture, mobile phones and others. Or productive things such as house rent, car rent, boarding houses, wallet bird house and businesses that get the highest money.

2. Flexibility to do things such as: vacations abroad, and other sports. Concerning the financial aspect, for example, you can specify the destination steady with: 1. Define clearly what goals you want to have and what you want to do with your money. 2. Sets the amount of money you need and when you’ll have it. Especially, you need to set the amount of passive income you need and when you will have it.


3. Choose the type of business that allows you to have a passive income or a business that was originally active income that can you invest on thus it can be a passive income. Most of people do things they do not like and could not produce what they want. The principle in choosing a business is to choose what we like and can produce the things we wanted.


There is never a right time to get started on anything you’ve just got to want your dream bad enough that it motivates you to get up from your comfortable place and at least give it a try.


I wish every success in the whole world. Do let me know how you get on I really would like to know.



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